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Have You Heard of T-Tapp Anti-Aging Exercise Program?

When I was asked to check out T-Tapp Anti-Aging Exercise Program, I had no idea what to expect.  This program was created by Teresa Tapp, physiologist.

The program is designed to activate muscles that we don't use as often as we should.  It involves very specific low impact movements and  is only 15 minutes 3 to 4 days a week.  There is no equipment needed to do the T-Tapp program.

I enjoyed doing the program because I like low impact workouts.  I find this program easy to follow along and quite enjoyable.  There is no jumping or bouncing to cause joint pain or stress.  This program is designed to start up my metabolism.  I only need four square feet of space and my 15 minutes a day.

Along with the T-Tapp program, I also enjoy the dry brushing that I have been doing as part of this program.  The dry brush helps to stimulate and exfoliate the cells in your skin.  It is a workout for the skin. It feels very invigorating.

Check out this example of dry brushing:

More about T-Tapp :

Here is …

Why Less can be More When it Comes to Choosing a Home

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Many people assume that when it comes to owning a home, it must be a case of ‘the bigger, the better’. However, having a large property can in fact be more a curse than a blessing. So, if your house has more square footage than you strictly need, it might be time to consider downsizing to a smaller property. Here, we take a look at just a few of the reasons why less can be more when you’re choosing a home.
Saving you money each month
In a blog featured on its website, cash home buying company Fast Sale Florida suggests that the most obvious benefit associated with moving to a smaller house or apartment is the fact that it can save you money on your mortgage payments. As well as this, it can help you to cut your spending on electricity and gas because you’ll need less energy to power your home. With less space to look after, you’ll probably also be able to save money on the general upkeep of your property.
The money you save each month may mean you feel less under pressu…

Mother's Day Special Offer

Moms work hard 365 days out of the year, so why give them another predictable gift this Mother's Day? With the exquisite collection of mothers rings from Mama's Jewelry, you're bound to make this the most unforgettable Mother's Day yet! Each time she looks down at her ring, puts on her earrings or is asked about her necklace, she'll remember just how much she's loved.

Mother's Day Special Offer - Save $10 Off already low prices. Use Code: MAMAS10 at

Mama's Jewelry: Who We Are - 

Mama's Jewelry has been designing rings and pendants for moms for 30 years, and we have no intention of slowing down! Our company is committed to creating exceptional mothers pendants, rings and earrings at affordable prices.

A key benefit to shopping with us is our fast turnaround times. As soon as we receive your order, our CAD technicians and certified jewelers get to work designing and building your custom item. All of our processes follow strict qu…

Going On An American Pop Culture Trip

Pop culture is something everybody knows about, it’s popular for a reason after all. But it has a long history, and both lovers and haters because of everything that’s involved in making it up. And yet, when people go in search of journeys and destinations that fulfill them, a culture centre is usually the first place people like to go! Whether you love or hate the idea of rockstars, the stars on Hollywood’s walkway, and cutesy pictures decorating every inch of merchandise, you can have the trip of a lifetime.
So once you’ve got the roadtrip squared away, taking in everything a particular route can show you when you’re driving around a country, it’s time to hit the biggest culture centre spots! And there’s often nowhere better in the world than the USA to make sure you’re getting a shot at seeing the most well known stars and famous media sites. So here’s some tips for the pop culture trip you’ve always been intrigued to try out.
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Discover the Sites Yourself
Yes, it’s all we…

Seeking Professional Advice is Easier Than you Think

Have you ever wanted to make a career change or to start a new career?  Have you ever considered Consulting as a career?  There are easy ways to get started in reaching that goal. Seeking professional advice is easier than you think. There are companies that are ready to help you reach your goal.

According to Source Global, 2016 was a strong year for the US consulting market and saw a growth of 7.1%. It reached a value of 58.72 billion.  The digital market transformation played a big role in that, as did cyber security.

(photo source)
Of course, consulting covers many different areas of expertise.  It isn't only about marketing.  Consulting can cover many different areas.  There are design, career and strategy consultants. There are Human Resource, Financial and IT consultants.  There are consultants that cover so many different areas.

You can start a profitable consulting business which is lucrative and enjoyable to do.  You may be wondering how consulting can be lucrative?  I am goi…

Mother's Day Cash Giveaway 4/15 - 5/12

Mother’s Day is a holiday honoring motherhood.  It is observed in different forms throughout the world. This year, Mother’s Day 2018 occurs on Sunday, May 13, in the United States. The first American Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914.  While dates and celebrations vary, Mother’s Day traditionally involves presenting moms with flowers, cards and other gifts.  Speaking of gifts, how would you like to a chance to win $500 so you can pamper your special Mother figure(s) in your life? Enter below!  3 winners will each receive $500 via Paypal or Amazon gc.  This giveaway is being hosted by Full Live Reviews.  Winner will be chosen by them.

I hope you and your families have a wonderful Mother's day!  Good luck!

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Terms  and Conditions: Giveaway will open on 4/15/18 @12AM EST and end on 5/12/18 @11:59 PM EST. There is one mandatory entry with multiple bonus entries. Only the mandatory entry needs to be…

Five New Jersey Businesses That Do Good

Nowadays, good companies or non-profits can be very hard to come by. A lot of people just want to make a few bucks and be on their way. This can lead to poor service, lack of satisfaction, and more frustration. This is why I started my search for some of the good people out there. Companies that do good, companies that care, companies that help, and companies that put their clientele first.

Most of the time, when I look for businesses to support, I try to opt for local, family-run companies. I feel like you get better care when using them and plus, you know that you are doing good since the money you give them (for products) directly feeds their families. In fact, according to Amiba, “clearly communicating the importance of the local economic multiplier effect or “local premium” is a key part of effective “buy local” and public education campaigns. The multiplier results from the fact that independent locally-owned businesses recirculate a far greater percentage of revenue locally comp…


NOVA: FIRST FACE OF AMERICA” Available on DVD May 1 NOVA: GREAT ESCAPE AT DUNKIRK” Available on DVD May 8 NOVA: PREDICTION BY THE NUMBERS” Available on DVD May 15 Each Program is Available Now on Digital HD
Arlington, Va. – April 3, 2018 – PBS Distribution announced today it is releasingthree new programs from NOVA on DVD and Digital HD this May; “NOVA: FIRST FACE OF AMERICA” will be available May 1,NOVA: GREAT ESCAPE AT DUNKIRKwill be available May 8 and “NOVA: PREDICTION BY THE NUMBERS”will be available May 15. Information about each of the programs is listed below. 
If you are looking for quality, educational television to watch with your family, these three DVDs should be a part of your collection.  These  NOVA series are a great way to intrigue the mind and explore the world history in a whole new way. 

Deep underground in a flooded cave system in the Yucatan’s remote jungles, diver…

Enter to Win a Beautiful Wine Purse

How beautiful is this wine purse from  I have teamed up with Cindy over at on our INSTAGRAM pages, to give one of our followers a chance to win this beautiful wine purse!
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Good Luck!

$250 For A Rainy Day April Cash Giveaway

Win big during our $250 For A Rainy Day April Cash giveaway event! You have the option of choosing between $250 PayPal Cash OR a Gift Card of choice! This event was organized by The Kids Did It & The Mommy Island and sponsored by the awesome bloggers, authors, and Etsy shop owners! Kick off your shoes and relax while you enter to win our April Cash event!

ONE entrant will be selected from the entry form to win $250 PayPal cash OR a $250 gift card of choice. Open for entry WW, 18 years and older from 04/11/18 at 12:01 a.m. ET thru 04/30/18 at 11:59 p.m. ET. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. A winner will be chosen after/around May 01, 2018. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to notification email to claim their prize or a new winner will be selected. See Rafflecopter for official rules. The Kids Did It  and The Mommy Island are responsible for sending the winner their prize via PayPal or e-gift card. The winner has the option of choosing between PayPal and an e-g…

Blogger Opp :: Mother’s Day Giveaway Hop Sign Ups :: OPEN

Review Wire Media and Chatty Patty’s Place will be hosting a Mother’s Day Giveaway Hop which will run from April 27- May 11. The hop will have an open theme, and the retail value must be at least $20. Sign-up below! DETAILS: Posts must go live at 12:01 AM (EST) on April 27Giveaways will end at 11:59 PM (EST) on May 11Reporting with be done through InLinkz and will close April 27 at 9 am EST.Hashtag: #MothersDayHopPrize Minimum: $20All participants must find their own giveaway and host the giveaway on their own blogNo Group GiveawaysThe InLinkz code with all the blogs must be visible on the blog, no linking to the list of participantsQuestions? Please contact with any questions! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Join The Review Wire Facebook Group, not required, but lots of fun! Want to join in more great events like this?Join The Review Wire Media Team! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*SPONS…

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Review Wire Media and Chatty Patty’s Place will be hosting a May Flowers Giveaway Hop which will run from May 16th – 30th. The hop will have an open theme, and the retail value must be at least $20. Sign-up below!

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Mastering Customer Success

Making a good first impression is the key to success.  You do not get a second chance.  That is why it is so important for customer onboarding to be the most strategic step in your customer to consumer journey.

Steve Jobs once said, "Get closer than ever to your customer. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves."

User IQ can help guide you through the process of customer onboarding by following five simple steps which I will briefly break down.

(Photo Source)

Initial Contact - This step represents your first interactions with your new customer. At this point, it is important to make your customer feel welcomed and understand what your product can do for them.

Kickoff - This step is about making sure your customer has everything they need to get started. This includes login details, relevant documents to get started, They should also know what to expect from the process. You should be on the same page as your customer, as fa…