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The holidays are upon us and will be here before you know it!  Get a head start on your holiday shopping with these lists of the hottest toys from The Toy Insider!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting The Toy Insider's Holiday of Play and got to see and play with all of these wonderful toys!  I had so much fun and I am so happy to bring to you this amazing list of the Hot 20 Toys for 2018 from The Toy Insider.  Be sure to check out all of the other Top Toy lists and save this list for your shopping reference.  


0 to 2 Years

Go! Go! Smart Wheels Mickey Magical Wonderland  (VTech)
Safari Learning Station (Leapfrog)

3-5 Years

Fingerlings Hugs (WowWee) Hairdorables (Just Play) PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket (Just Play) Pomsies (Skyrocket) Power Action Pikachu (Wicked Cool Toys) Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 43-inch Epic Sewer Lair Playset (P laymates Toys) Ryan ͛ s World Giant Mystery Egg (Bonkers Toys) Scruff-a…

Running a Successful Food Business is All in William Bronchick's Roots

It takes more than time to run a successful food business and Bill Bronchick, a private chef caterer in the Denver, Colorado area for the past two decades, knows that. Bill is the CEO and Founder of William Bronchick Food and has been running his business successfully for over 2 decades.

William's grandparents ran a successful barbecue restaurant in Texas and that is what started his interest in food at an early age.   He learned about all of the great food and care it takes to run a successful restaurant from his grandparents, as he watched them.  He was always encouraged by them to work in their kitchen when they felt he was old enough.  There they taught William how to make all of the popular barbecue side dishes their customers loved.  The most popular sides included macaroni and cheese, baked beans and coleslaw, to name a few. Bill also loved to watch his grandfather work the barbecue pits and eventually helped his grandfather barbecue in those pits.
When Bill was in high …

Review Wild Republic Halloween Huggers and an Adorable Dragon Plush Giveaway

Wild Republic makes some of the cutest plush and these new Halloween Huggers are no exception!

Each Halloween Hugger measures 8" and is made from soft, plush fir.   The Huggers are designed to hug onto things, like your arm!  They are perfect for  your little one to take along wherever they go.  Halloween Huggers won't stop hugging until you take them off.  Wear them on back packs, place them on strollers.

All of the Halloween Huggers have fun, glow in the dark eyes.  They retail for $7.99!

The Halloween Huggers are available in 3 different styles:




Check out my video review:

You can purchase your own Huggers by visiting Wild Republic.  They are also available wherever Wild Republic toys are sold.  

Also available from Wild Republic are these adorable dragons!

These dragons are made with soft, plush material.  They have cute wings that are lined with sparkly fabric.  The dragons measure 10" in length and retail for 

I was sent the adorable Purple Dragon and fell in lo…

Fabulous Fall Giveaway Hop (Ends 10/5/18)

Welcome to the Fabulous Fall Giveaway Hop. For this giveaway, we have a monthly subscription box from Pampered Teacher to offer one lucky reader. If you are unfamiliar with Pampered Teacher you can read my Pampered Teacher Subscription Box Review. This subscription box is curated by a teacher for teachers! Each box contains 7-8 seasonally appropriate items, with an emphasis on unique items from small businesses and artisans.
Pampered Teacher Giveaway

 One reader will receive a Pampered Teacher Subscription Box ($34.95). See below for terms & conditions. Open to U.S. residents of the 48 contiguous United States. You must be 18 years old to enter to win. This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on 10.5.18
Entry-Form FABulous Fall Hop

1. The Review Wire: Pampered Teacher Box 2. Chatty Patty's Place: Pampered Teacher Box

Great Kitty Treats From Chewy and Fancy Feast

You all know that I love the convenience of and I love that they carry all of the brands that my pet loves.  I can save money buying in bulk for my cat when I want to as well, and they even have auto ship if I choose it.

Chewy carries all of the popular brands that I buy in my local grocery and big box stores.  Every time I place an order with Chewy, it arrives to my home within a day or  two.  That is impressive.
Chewy not only carries dog and cat brands, they also carry products for birds, reptiles and more.  They carry food, accessories, toys and medications for pets.
Here is another great product that I chose this month as a Chewy Ambassador.  This is one of my cat's Favorites!  When she sees me grab it from the box she gets so excited!

My kitty loves Fancy Feast and her chicken snacks are something she looks forward to.  These Fancy Feast Appetizers are the perfect portion snack for her. It has tuna broth and shredded chicken, so it is easy for her to eat.  These a…

What Foods do Tailgaters Prefer?

With tailgating season upon us, savings destination RetailMeNotconducted a survey about what foods tailgaters prefer--did you know people in the West & Midwest prefer burgers, while the South & Northeast prefer wings?   Recently Shopping & Trends Expert Sara Skirboll of RetailMeNot conducted this survey.
Personally I was surprised.  I would think that it would be reversed.  Check out the other outcomes of the survey below.

Burgers vs. Wings – A Geographic Debate People in West (26%) and Midwest (22%) prefer to eat burgers at their tailgates.People in the South (27%) and Northeast (24%) prefer to eat wings at tailgates.
Food & Drink – The Favorites When it comes to food, these foods are tailgaters' favorites: Burgers: 22%Wings: 21%Pizza: 10%People prefer to drink the following at tailgates:Beer: 33%Soda: 18%Water: 17%Liquor: 6%Wine: 5%For both females and males, beer is the preferred drink.Female: 20%Male: 42%
What do you like to eat and drink at tailgates?

Virgil's All Natural Zero Sugar Soda with Stevia is Delicious

I haven't drank full calorie soda in years, and I am always looking for a great tasting soda that is packed with flavor without the added calories or sugar.  Virgil's All Natural Zero Sugar soda fits that description perfectly.

Virgil's All Natural Zero Sugar soda is sweetened with Stevia, a sugar substitute that is plant based.  These sodas are full of flavor, not chemicals.  I love that I can enjoy a can of Virgil's Zero Sugar soda that has the taste of a full calorie soda and no terrible after taste.  This soda is simply delicious.

I received 3 of my favorite flavors to review including Root Beer, Cream and Black Raspberry.  These are flavors that I grew up loving. Each flavor is full bodied and delicious.  They are all made with sparkling filtered water.  I loved each flavor so much and can't wait to try the Lemon Lime, Cola and Orange flavors!

One of my favorite ways to enjoy zero calorie soda is in a ice cream float.  Virgil's Root Beer soda floats are s…

Make This Cute Halloween Mesh Wreath in Under 20 Minutes!

I love making crafts and I have always thought that the Deco Mesh wreathes are so pretty.  What I didn't realize is how easy they are to make!

Check out these easy steps and make your own Deco Mesh for under $20 and in under 20 minutes!

Supplies needed
1  12" or larger grape vine wreath 1 roll of Deco Mesh (any pattern or color you want)
1 pkg of chenille pipe cleaners.  (look for one to match the mesh) 1 roll of wired ribbon (any pattern you want) Decorative accents (get them at the dollar store) Scissors
Check out my step by step instructions in this video:

For those who want step by step:

Place chenile pipe cleaners all around wreath.  About 3-6 inches apart.
Bunch up Deco mesh and attach it securely by twisting pipe cleaners around it. (Do Not Cut)
Go around the wreath and repeat the process, filling gaps.
Cut pieces of wire ribbon and attach using the same chenille pipe cleaners to add decorative touch.
Adorn the wreath with flowers, …

Get Deep Tissue Massage at Home

I am the girl who goes to the nail salon so that I can sit in the massage chair for half an hour.   It is my favorite part of going to the salon.  The pedicure and manicure are a bonus.

Now I can get that deep tissue massage that I love so much, at home.  The Keeptop Deep Tissue Massager is designed to fit most seats and is perfect for office chairs, car seats and more.  It can even be used while you are lying down.

I found this  massager to be well made and durable and has a nice mesh backing.  It has a nice deep kneeding that helps to relieve my muscle pain and stress.  I love that it has adjustable heat so I can get extra penetration into my muscles.  It even has spot massage so I can concentrate on one area if I want. I get back spasms on occasion, so this will be perfect for that.

A key thing that I like about this massager is that  it is designed with safety in mind. It has a 15 minute auto shut off and over heat protection.  It also is designed so that it does not go above 104…