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IntelliGLASS iPhone6/6S Anti-Radiation Shield. 20% OFF! #IntelliArmor

This post has been archived I personally hate putting my cell phone to my ear because of the dangers of radiation.  These shields give me some peace of mind. Each box comes with one shield which can be used along with phone protectors.  They are available in white or black.  They also come with a screen cleaning wipe and cloth.  The shield adheres securely and doesn't interfere with the use of the phone at all for me. Be sure to check out this and other great products from IntelliArmor. Please see the link below for a 20% discount code on your purchase of this product. Manufacturer's Notes: RADIATION REDUCTION up to 69%. Effectiveness proven by an independent lab. The amount of radiation directed to a phone user's head is reduced at rates ranging from 30% to 69% (depending on how phone is held). SLIM AND LIGHTWEIGHT - hardened glass screen protector. PREMIUM OLEOPHOBIC COATING - for smudge-free anti-glare display EFFORTLESS, BUBBLE-RESI