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Lil Wish Lanterns Makes Wishing Magical

  Elevate imaginative play with Lil Wish Lanterns Starter Pack with Lantern and 2 Characters, Mystery Toy. This post contains affiliate links. (Affiliate link. As an Amazon affiliate I receive a small incentive when purchase is made using my link) Lil Wish Lanterns is a new kids brand imagined to bring light and positivity to kids around the world. The idea of making a wish is universal and full of hope, optimism, and love. From blowing out birthday candles, to dropping a coin in a fountain, we have all asked, "What happens when you make a wish?"  Random Mystery Pack This set contains a Light-Up Wishing Lantern, 1 tribe-specific character and 1 mystery blind pack. Each blind pack is randomly arranged. There are 32 different Wishimal figures to collect including 8 rare "Luck" Wishimals.  Play Mat Included Every Lil Wish Lanterns box contains a map of Wishlandia as well as a colorful and fun play mat for non stop wishing and adventure. 32 Wishimals To Collect Each ch

Beautiful Personalized Gifts for Your Valentine from Joyamo

  Are you looking for a unique way to express your love? Give your loved ones a beautiful piece of personalized jewelry from JoyAmo. I’ve shared pieces from the JoyAmo website for the past few years and love their unique jewelry gifts. Each piece comes boxed and ready for gift giving. I received a beautiful intertwined heart that was personalized for me. It so pretty, lightweight and I love that it is adjustable. It’s great for gift giving for any occasion. You can customize it with birthstones and names.  If you would like some gift giving ideas from JoyAmo, these are their best-sellers on Valentine's Day: shop/necklaces/two- intertwined-hearts-and- birthstones-necklace/metal/47/ shop/necklaces/intertwined-2- hearts-name-necklace-with- birthstones/metal/46/

Delicious Last Minute Gift Ideas from Gourmet Gift Baskets

  For all of those foodies looking for last-minute Valentine’s Gifts,   has several offerings that should delight nearly everyone. Here are just a few of the most-popular gifts this season .  To see the entire Valentine’s Day collection, go here.   Valentine’s Day Chai & Bundt Cakes , $99.99 (SKU 5890V) Send a deliciously indulgent and relaxing gift this Valentine's Day with perfect (and distinctive) pairings -- Chai and mini-bundt cakes -- double chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. I mean, how cute is this gift, right? Perfect for women, men, grandma, grandpa -- just about anyone on your list.    With Love La Marca Champagne Gift Box ,   $89.99 (SKU 6679V) Say "I Love You" with this perfect gift. It arrives in a gorgeous magnetic keepsake box and includes a selection of delicious treats to be enjoyed with a glass of La Marca Prosecco. S'more Grahams, cheese and crackers, and Raspberry Mule Mix are included. Craft a Sweetheart cocktail and 

Prospector’s Inclusive Popcorn Brand Releases Sweethearts Pack for Valentines

  Prospector Popcorn Helping Out Lovers Pick Out the Right Treat For Their Special Someone   Prospector Popcorn just released a Valentine’s Gift Guide for picking out the perfect tasty treat this Valentine’s season Prospector Popcorn is more than just a gourmet popcorn brand, but one that provides competitive and inclusive employment for people with disabilities. They sparkle and transform their passions into professions, while earning paychecks with competitive wages. Around 75% of its 125 employees self-identify with a disability. In line with the release of their recent Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that helps lovers find the perfect tasty treat for their special someone, patrons can also enjoy a 15% discount on their new Chocolate Strawberry Popcorn and Sweethearts Pack of 3. I was sent a Sweethearts Pack and the popcorn is so delicious and fresh. It came with a postcard signed by all of its employees and even had the name of the person who packed my order. Thank you Hetty! I lo

Celebrate Valentines Day with Fresh Breath and a Healthy Smile

Nothing ruins the mood like chapped lips and bad breath! For couples looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day, fresh breath and kissable lips are essential. Spry can help keep your breath smelling great and it is different from many gums and mints on the market.    If you’re looking for a keto-friendly gum that can help improve your oral health, check out Spry gum.  It’s made with xylitol which is one of the most important alternatives to sugar. More than a sweetener, it actually is a health promoting sweetener.  Check out this video This post contains affiliate links below. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small incentive for purchases made using my link Spry (Available on Amazon and major retailers) Spry Natural Xylitol Mints ( Amazon here )These mints freshen your breath while defending against bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay. With our great classic flavors, you’ll find it so easy to get your Spry (or Kiss) game on😉. Spry Natural Xylitol Gum ( Amazon here )Fresh brea

These Valentines Gifts are Perfect for Sensory Development

  Let’s have some sensory play fun with TUTTI FRUTTI  Scented Modeling dough products.  These products are a perfect sensory gift for children, from Family Games America . I love these delicious scents! I was sent a few products to review which are perfectly pink and red, and wanted to share some great Valentine ideas with you! Check out my Sensory Love Bug! It’s quick and simple to make! Products featured in this video include:  1 gluten free lunchbag - cupcakes 1 250g red strawberry and 1 250g pink bubblegum Red and pink to make hearts for valentines day, and they can blend together to make endless hues. Use the vanilla in the lunchbag to make the colors turn to pastel hues!! Tutti Frutti Lunch bags are the newest launch from Family Games America.  https://www. mainsite/consumers/ productview.php?pro_id=2952 Four titles of three styles: Original, Gluten Free, and Sparkling. Bring them everywhere you go. They retail for  $19.99 - $24.99 When the doughs dry out,

Pretty Scented Candles to Create Romantic Moods

(Photo source: Home Jewel Co)   I love scents, especially candle scents.  I like to use scent to create moods and memories.  When I think back to certain memorable moments in my life, there are usually some sort of scent attached, or when I smell certain scents, they always stir up certain memories.  Home Jewel Co has some very pretty scented candles that are perfect for creating relaxing atmospheres this Valentines season.  I received a beautiful mandarin sandalwood scented candle.  It came beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving.  It’s just one of the beautiful scents available on their website.  It can be used to create a romantic bath time with flower pedals for your spouse, or can even be used in a  gift basket for someone special along with a book and some bath salts and slippers.  However you choose to gift, candles are always a beautiful gift to give.  Not sure which scent your recipient would like? Check out the sample box which features 5 miniature scented candles in

Guys Want Sustainable Apparel, Too! Check Out the Latest Must-Haves For Men From Hadobody

  Hadobody  makes us feel so good about ourselves, our bodies, and the planet. Men especially love its  underwear  and super soft  t-shirts  that are fashion-forward and sustainable. While ladies have their line of favorites from the brand, they also enjoy gifting their men  Hadobody  clothing that they’ll wear and look good in for all seasons.  It’s a Valentine’s gift that positively calibrates the heart and soul! When we’re  mindful  of what we’re wearing, it reflects not just on how we want to be seen but also adheres to a greater purpose of choosing clothing that is kind to Mother Earth. It raises our frequency and gets us in touch with our inner selves. Hadobody  understands this and focuses its design and ethos around these practices. Ethically made, chakra-infused clothing using sustainable fabrics elevates the mind,  body , and spirit. Plus, cuddling time with your significant other is more enjoyable with these soft and comfy pieces that infuse your  body  confidently and purpo


  DISNEY+ DEBUTS TRAILER & KEY ART FOR UPCOMING SEASON 3 OF “ STAR WARS : THE MANDALORIAN”     Highly Anticipated New Season of Lucasfilm’s Emmy Award-Winning Series Premieres March 1, Exclusively on Disney+     LINK TO TRAILER: Znsa4Deavgg   Recently, Disney+ debuted the thrilling new trailer for the upcoming Season 3 of “ Star Wars : The Mandalorian” during   halftime of the NFL Super Wild Card matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, simulcast on ABC, ESPN and ESPN+.   New key art was also released for the third season of the critically acclaimed, original, live-action series from Lucasfilm, streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting March 1.   The journeys of the Mandalorian through the   Star Wars   galaxy continue. Once a lone bounty hunter, Din Djarin has reunited with Grogu. Meanwhile, the New Republic struggles to lead the galaxy away from its dark history. The Mandalorian will cross paths with old allies and make new enemies as he and