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Guys Want Sustainable Apparel, Too! Check Out the Latest Must-Haves For Men From Hadobody


Hadobody makes us feel so good about ourselves, our bodies, and the planet. Men especially love its underwear and super soft t-shirts that are fashion-forward and sustainable.

While ladies have their line of favorites from the brand, they also enjoy gifting their men Hadobody clothing that they’ll wear and look good in for all seasons. It’s a Valentine’s gift that positively calibrates the heart and soul!

When we’re mindful of what we’re wearing, it reflects not just on how we want to be seen but also adheres to a greater purpose of choosing clothing that is kind to Mother Earth. It raises our frequency and gets us in touch with our inner selves.

Hadobody understands this and focuses its design and ethos around these practices. Ethically made, chakra-infused clothing using sustainable fabrics elevates the mind, body, and spirit. Plus, cuddling time with your significant other is more enjoyable with these soft and comfy pieces that infuse your body confidently and purposefully.

I received a Duke C-Neck Tee and the quality is superior.  The tee is so soft and has great stitching, which is important to me.  This is one of those brands that once you try, you’re hooked. It’s good to know that this clothing is sustainable and I bet it makes anyone who wears it feel that they’re doing the earth good.

  • Mindful Tee - Hematite Grey - I AM DIVINE ($110) - Enjoy this super-soft perfect tee featuring a classic comfy crew neck and side slits. It’s lightweight and breathable for perpetual peace of mind. Hematite’s essence is to bring us back to equilibrium due to its magnetic nature and our yin-yang energies.
  • Duke V-Neck Tee - Smokey Quartz ($100) - Made with buttery soft Micro Modal, this perfectly cut v-neck tee will quickly become the go-to t-shirt in your closet. In a rich gray color, it can be worn with your favorite jeans or tied for a more flirty fun look. Smokey Quartz connects us to Mother Earth and removes negative energies from our bodies.
  • Boxer Brief - Deep Lapis ($54) - These transformative underwear unleash the power of intention infusing your mind, body, and spirit with confidence, positivity, and a boost of well-being. Choose your affirmation or get all 7, one for each day of the week! Deep Lapis, a symbol of the night sky, is associated with strength and courage, royalty and wisdom, intellect and truth.

And lest we forget about the women, here are a few new arrivals in the collection.

  • Selene Crop Top - Moonstone Grey ($65) - Invite tranquility into your life in this one-of-a-kind short-sleeved, perfectly fitted crop top. Pair it with the Luna Mini Skirt ($80). The moonstone crystal represents inner clarity, cyclical change, and a connection to the feminine. Wear moonstone to keep your life stress-free and balanced.
  • Trinidad Tank Top - Black Tourmaline ($75) - This unisexy tank is functional, buttery soft, and the perfect fit. It can take you to the gym or out on the town. For the ultimate purification and protection of the emotional body, wear Black Tourmaline like a protective cape.

About Hadobody:
Hadobody is a lifestyle brand that uses the power of self-affirmation to infuse the mind, body, and spirit with positive frequency. The apparel for women and men supports the connection to your divine self so you can feel empowered and energized to consciously create your own reality. Follow them on Instagram @hadobody.


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