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My Interview with The Amazing Kreskin - Catch Him On Tour in NY/NJ This March and April

Growing up in NJ, I have always been in awe of The Amazing Kreskin and his ability to read people's minds.  I often saw him on television guessing what people were thinking, and  it astounded me! I would sometimes try to emulate him by trying to guess what my sister or brothers or friends were thinking. When I received some information informing me that he was going to be performing locally, here in New Jersey, I decided to send some interview questions to him to see if he would reply and to my delight, he did.  Here is my interview with The Amazing Kreskin. Q:   Explain who you are to those who may not know you: A:   The title the Amazing Kreskin has become a signature throughout my career.   I deal with presenting to my audiences from high school, university to senior citizens all over the world, demonstrations as a dramatic form of entertainment illustrating the tremendous potentials of the human mind, areas that we don’t really fully understand today.   While

The RealReal: Selling Luxury Pre-Owned Items to the Public

The RealReal is a consignment firm established by Julie Wainwright back in the year 2011. In less than a decade of operations, the company was able to grow drastically, making millions of dollars in profit every year and controlling a larger market size. The establishment of the company was an idea of Julie Wainwright, as she wanted to create a place where people can safely buy pre-owned luxury items without the risk of buying fake products. When she established the company, she had a difficult time looking for consignors who are willing to partner with her business, but because of their persuasive skills, she was able to gather the first few consignors who will be giving her the company’s first products. The idea of selling authentic pre-owned luxury items became a hit, and many people started to transact with her. Their online store reached new markets, and their profit kept on increasing. The company became the leading pre-owned luxury retailer in the United States, and more

Chatty Patty's Luck o' the Irish Amazon Giveaway

Top o' the morning to ya, lads and lasses! Welcome to my Luck o' the Irish Giveaway!  One lucky follower will win a $25 Amazon gift card! a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure :   All entries will be verified. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. Entrants who have created social accounts purely for the purpose of entering Competitions or Sweepstakes will not be eligible to win. All social accounts used must be public. The winner will be chosen randomly through Giveaway Tools or Rafflecopter and contacted via email. Void where prohibited by law. Open to US and Canada.  Ends 3.31.19

Order your Custom Reusable Shopping Bag from York Photo for $.99

This is a perfect gift for Mother's Day! Looking for a great, inexpensive and useful gift idea?  Check out this deal from York Photo for new customers!  Get a beautiful reusable tote that you customize with your own photos, for 99 cents plus shipping. This makes a great gift for anyone who likes to visit the library, likes to use their own shopping bags, for beach lovers, or anyone really!  I would love this gift myself! This makes a great grandma gift! You can click the photo above to order. Use Promo Code :  SHOPBAG Shipping and handling: starts at $3.99 Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links

I Love My New Readers from

This post has a review that promotes a product that I received free of charge. No other compensation was received. This post contains affiliate links. has a huge selection of reader glasses  ( affiliate link ) for under $20 and I love the pair I received!    Attractive Frames I usually go for dark frames but wanted to try something completely different than I usually would, and I am so glad I did!  I love the pretty Pink colored frames I received !  They match my skin tone so nicely.  Now I want to try more colors! has a huge assortment of different frames to choose from to fit any face shape.  It is simple to find frames that would match your face perfectly.  Simple use the tabs on the site to narrow down shape, style, colors, lens type and size. Affordale Frames I love how affordable the frames at are.  These frames are called The Sophie design.  It is a nice rectangular fit. It is perfect for my heart sha

Pocomos is The Most Advanced Pest Control Software

If you haven't heard of Pocomos, Pest Control Software , I am hear to tell you all about it. Pocomos was designed with efficiency in mind.  They understand the needs of your pest control company and want to help you maximize your profits through tracking, routing and scheduling your customers more efficiently.   Pocomos can even help you with your point of sales, e contracts and paperless billing needs to help save you time and money.   Users can even track their sales progress against other staff in their office, other offices, company averages, and their own personal goals. The system is easy to use and works seemlessly with Android, Apple and Windows based mobil devices, so it can accommodate all of your employees no matter what device they own. Works seemlessly with android, apple and windows based mobil devices. This software will help you gain greater customer focus by routing stops easily with their Google maps integration software.  Complete work orders on t

Ralph Wants You to Be Internet Awesome!

An Interlaught from Be Internet Awesome’s Interland  game  welcomes Wreck-It Ralph to the program. Like Ralph and Vanellope in  Ralph Breaks the Internet , kids can find themselves in tricky situations when navigating the Web. Here are activity pages that can help kids be Internet  BRAVE ,  KIND  and  STRONG ! DRAG THESE IMAGES TO YOUR DESKTOP TO PRINT (or right click and save as a jpg) When in Doubt, Talk it Out It's Cool to Be Kind  Secure Your Secrets Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Ralph Breaks the Internet is collaborating with Google’s  Be Internet Awesome  program to encourage the fundamentals of digital citizenship and online safety for kids so they can explore the online world with confidence. Be Internet Awesome and  Ralph Breaks the Internet  themed resources and digital tools, including internet safety tips, downloadable activity sheets, educator and parent guides and more, are now available at:

WPForms How-to: Everything You Need to Make Great Conversational Forms

Standard forms are great for websites to obtain information, but sometimes you may want to have conversational forms to gather information as if you were talking face to face with someone. These types of forms can create a more relaxed or comfortable feeling for your clients and can help you complete forms with higher conversions. Check out this demo to see an example of how the Conversational Forms work: How did you like it?   What are Conversational Forms? Conversationa forms allow you to create a unique, conversation-like experience with your client.  It gives a more personal touch to your forms.   Here are some ways the Conversational Forms differ from average forms: Guided Experience:  From when the user first lands on the page to when they submit the form, only the current step will be in focus. This helps guide the user through the form and provides a conversation-like experience. Standalone Pag