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Giveaway: Get Ready for Summer with Tesalate Sand-Free Beach Towels

  Get ready for fun at the beach with Tesalate Sand-Free beach towels I’ve teamed up again, with Tesalate to tell you about all of the great new sand-free towel designs they are offering on their website.  Learn more about the brand below, and be sure to enter to win your own standard size sand-free beach towel below! The original sand-free beach towel.  Built with our high-performance AbsorbLite™ fabric, Tesalate towels deliver sand-free, ultra-absorbent, super-compact and rapid-dry tech for simply better beach days. 100% Australian-designed with fresh looks inspired by the coastlines we call home. Meet your new favourite towel that redefines the way you do the sun, surf and sand. Each towel comes with its own protective carrying case for easy portability. Check out their beach towels here:  https://www. tesalate . com/collections/beach-towels TOWEL FEATURES Full-size beach towel: 160cm x 80cm Rapid-drying, half the time of a regular towel Double-sided Handy hook, hang it anywhere Fr

Climate Friendly Rice

  In late March, Columbia Grain International's (CGI) Enrich Foods launched its Climate-Friendly Rice at an event hosted by the USDA, making it  the first consumer product funded by the USDA'S Climate Smart Commodities initiative . Agriculture Secretary Vilsack attended the event in Wisconsin to expand market opportunities for farmers, combat the climate crisis, and strengthen rural America.    Traditional rice cultivation involves flooding rice fields during the growing cycle. Excessive use of water provides high yields for farmers but also creates a number of environmental challenges. Enrich Foods’ Climate-Friendly Certified Rice™ was created to reduce excess water and be more climate-friendly without compromising the food that we eat and the environment that we live in.   More specifically, Columbia Grain International has joined forces with agricultural technology company AgriCapture who, with the support and subsidy from the USDA, has developed a process that better manage

IF Debuts On Digital June 18th:

  IF Debuts On Digital June 18th And 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray August 13th With 40+ Minutes Of Bonus Content Experience writer/director John Krasinski’s “heartwarming” (Joey Paur, GeekTyrant) and “hilarious” (Tessa Smith, Mama’s Geeky) original adventure  IF  when it arrives to buy or rent on Digital June 18, 2024 from Paramount Home Entertainment.  The film will debut on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™, and DVD on August 13.   The perfect movie to enjoy with the whole family,  IF received an A CinemaScore and 88% Fresh Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes®.   The film stars Cailey Fleming, Ryan Reynolds, Krasinski, and Fiona Shaw along with a cavalcade of top-tier voice talent, including Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Louis Gossett Jr. and Steve Carell, who bring a delightful array of imaginary friends to life.   Fans who purchase the film on Digital * , 4K Ultra HD, or Blu-ray will have access to over 40 minutes of behind-the-scenes bonus content to explore the whimsical world of imaginary friends.   See how ea

Dexter’s Laboratory Complete Series On DVD for the First Time Wver

  Dexter’s Laboratory : The Complete Series   Enjoy the Experiment  O n  DVD for the First Time Ever  on June 25, 2024     BURBANK, CA ( May  9 , 2024) –   The Emmy Award -winning American animated  TV series that was  created by  Genndy Tartakovsky and produced by Cartoon Network Studios is back from the lab!  For the first time ever  on DVD , all  7 8 episodes   from  the classic  cartoon  series   plus the special Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip ,   are  brought together in one set .   Dexter’s Laboratory:   The Complete Series   will be available for purchase online and in-store at major retailers beginning   June 25, 2024 .   Get  ready to  go on a wild adventure with b oy-genius  Dexter ,  as he saves the  world  with his  secret laboratory filled with his collection of  inventions!   Pre-order your copy now. It’s been so many years since I’ve watched Dexter’s Laboratory with my son and I’d forgotten how much I’ve really enjoyed this show.  I love the story line and characters

Snacks from the Sea Are Better for People and the Planet

  Snacks from the Sea  Are Better for People and the Planet Delicious, nutrient-rich, kelp-based snacks support marine ecosystems while providing a lifestyle of happiness and health .   SCOTTSDALE, AZ (MAY 2024) – Kelp is one of the most sustainable plants in the world. Not only do kelp forests thrive without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, they also support carbon sequestration, promote biodiversity, buffer ocean acidification, and improve water quality. Snacks from the Sea supports these incredible ecosystems by creating nutrient-dense, kelp-based snacks that are harvested sustainably to ensure a vibrant ecosystem while supporting a lifestyle of health and happiness.   Inspired by a nourishing dish made by her  Korean mother, Snacks from the Sea founder Jennifer wanted  to  provide people in America with  the incredible health  benefits of   kelp in a convenient, delicious , crunchy snack .  Moreso than traditional seaweed, k elp is a  nutrient powerhouse  that contain s   he

New Releases from Nintendo Switch for Summer Fun!

  There are a bunch of new/upcoming releases for the  Nintendo  Switch that you and your family will enjoy playing ! Take them along on family outings, vacation and also for any day to enjoy!    First off is  Endless Ocean Luminous  which released recently. Players plunge into the Veiled Sea, where they encounter more than 500 species of marine life. Take a leisurely swim in the sea or meticulously catalog every creature you see – it’s up to you!   Earlier this spring, Princess Peach took the spotlight in her very first game on  Nintendo  Switch,    Princess Peach: Showtime .  The wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch have gone off-script to hijack the stag and it’s up to Peach and Stella, the theater’s guardian, to save the day.  Peach must take the stage of each show, transforming to match each performance – becoming a swordfighter, detective, mermaid, patissiere and more! – changing up the action at every turn.   Up next is  Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door , a revamp of the classic RP