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Fun For the Entire Family from University Games

  Who doesn’t love playing games? I grew up spending hours upon end playing board games, card games and dominoes  with my family.  I’m always up for a challenge! I want to tell you about five fun filled games from University Games that is sure to bring hours of fun to you, your family and friends! Check out my video!   These games are a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day with family and friends. Purchase: - Mexican Train Dominoes,  https://www. mexicanwood - Spinner Dominoes,  https://www. spinnerwood - Abalone,  https://www. - Scholastic Race Across the USA,  https://www. raceacrosstheusa - Indoor Cornhole,  https://www. indoorcornhole Stay Connected with University Games Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:

Giveaway: Keto and Gluten-free Cookbooks from America’s Test Kitchen

I love living a keto lifestyle and also try to be gluten-free as often as possible as well. I am always looking for new recipes to enjoy. I received two wonderful cookbooks from America’s Test Kitchen, Easy Every Day Keto and How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook Collection.   Easy Everyday Keto This beautiful, Easy Everyday Keto cookbook is filled with everything you need to stay successful on the keto diet, including huge beautiful photos and step by step instructions to create wonderful meals that are both practical and creative. This book also contains helpful sections that explain the diet in depth and gives helpful tips to keep you successful.  Also included are meal plans,  nutritional information for all recipes and pantry essentials list. Enjoy delicious gluten free  baked breads, cakes, muffins, pastas and wonderful meals you didn’t think you could enjoy!  This hard cover cookbook, How Can It Be Gluten Free , is packed with delicious baked goods, diverse recipes and tons of hel

Giveaway: Elmo’s World - Things Elmo Loves

Tabby’s Pantry Elmo's World free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are her own Yaaa it's Elmo. I don't think I know anyone who has not loved Elmo. He has always been the house favorite and now we get our own Emo's World dvd.   Los Angeles – What do elephants, drawing, grandparents, and chickens have in common? They’re all things Elmo loves! Everyone’s favorite furry red monster stars in Sesame Street – Elmo’s World: Things Elmo Loves, available on DVD and digital download on February 2, 2021 from Shout Kids and Sesame Workshop . The release is packed with episodes from Sesame Street’s beloved Elmo’s World segment, each exploring a different topic to spark kids’ curiosity. Also included -- the full-length feature Elmo Loves You!, with celebrity appearances from Trisha Yearwood, John Legend and R.E.M. This Giveaway is open to the U.S Only. 2 winners will get their very own copy . Prize will be shipped by sponsor Elmo's World

Jogging Tips for Beginners

  Many people have turned to jogging since the pandemic ,  and it can certainly be a fantastic way to exercise safely. Running can help  improve your fitness, lose weight, build strong bones, strengthen  muscles  and improve your mental health amongst a range of other benefits, but it is also an activity that  is notoriously difficult to get started with. People often get disheartened when they find themselves struggling after running for a short period (especially when compar ing yourself to others), but there are a few tips  that should help you quickly progress and  enjoy your time running.   Do not  Focus on  Time & Distance Initially   So much of running is focused on time and distance, but to start with ,  you are better  off ignoring this and simply running for as long as you can without stopping, stopping to catch your breath ,  and then carrying on again. It is easy to overdo it when you are trying to run a certain distance/time, so to start with , you   need to build fi t

T.Rex Brought to Life in Dino-Mite Cake!

  From DreamWorks Animation, Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment,  Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous  season two is now streaming on Netflix To celebrate the recent debut of  Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous  season two, Sideserf Cake Studio created a cake inspired by the DreamWorks Animation series! In the above video, watch a timelapse journey of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex being brought to life. Inspired by the  Jurassic World  franchise,  Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous  is the first ever Netflix original animated series that follows six teenagers chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Camp Cretaceous, a new adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar, who must work together to survive when dinosaurs wreak havoc across the island. Stranded on an abandoned Isla Nublar in season 2, the campers struggle to survive among the wreckage of Jurassic World. As the T.Rex takes over Main Street, forcing the kids deeper into the jungle, the discovery that they may not be al

Save Time and Money Shopping for Health and Nutrition Products

  Keeping healthy is more important than ever these days.  We need to keep our bodies strong.  One way to do that, is with proper nutrition.  I personally live a keto lifestyle.  I went off of it a little over the holidays, but felt horrible and bloated, so started back early January.  It is hard finding keto products in stores, especially supplements and snacks.  I do most of my shopping online, and have found a great shopping website that focuses on health and nutrition. I was sent a couple of snack samples to try, and really enjoyed them. Lenny and Larry cookies have always been one of my favorites, and their keto cookie is very good and substantial in size.  Chips have always been my downfall, but having keto options like Better Keto Chips, in my favorite BBQ flavor helps me stay on track. You can save time and money by shopping on  BestPriceNutrition .Com . Their selection for Keto Friendly and Gluten Free products is great! They have  a new protein bar called the Dream Fuel Bar

How to Make Your Own Clothing

  Have you ever  wanted to make your  clothes?  This is the perfect way to create  your personal  style and sport s  pieces of clothing  you are  proud to wear,  showing off your character and  talent.  You may be surprised to learn that you  do not  have to be a trained seamstress to start making your own wardrobe ,  and with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing you to spend more time indoors, there has never been a better time to try your hand at  making your very own clothing. Here are some top tips you may like to keep in mind: Choose materials   The materials you choose will play a big part in how the finished garment is going to look, so it would be best to browse through a selection to find the fabric you are happy with. While you may be able to purchase cheap fabric from markets or thrift stores, purchasing from recommended  fabric stores in London  will ensure the pattern you need is in large supply i f  you make  a mistake or require more fabric to complete the garment.  Get a sewin

Get Moscow Muled This Valentine’s Day

Have you ever had a Moscow mule? It is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, lime juice and wedge of lime.  They are always served in a copper mug that helps to keep it nice and cold.  Lately I’ve been seeing lots of different varieties of Moscow Mules popping up on menus. I’ve tried a cranberry variety and a jalapeño variety which were both very good! Enjoy these authentic copper mugs handcrafted traditionally which are ideal for a number of different cocktails and beverages.  Enjoy a fun Valentines Day experience with a nice cocktail served in these classy copper mugs! At MoscowMuled , all copper mugs are premium and handmade using 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper. The company sells exclusively online and ships its products worldwide from its warehouse in the United States.  Your MoscowMuled mugs can also serve desserts.  They are beautiful vessels and hold temperatures well. Website: . $19.50 for a set of two. About The History of Our Mugs

Turn Your Pet Into Royalty

  This Valentine’s Day, any pet-lover will be ecstatic to receive a personalized portrait of their furry friend! Or human! Iconic Paw offers a number of different styles, with one of the most popular being the Crowned King . This regal style really captures the pup’s personality and works as a stellar piece to show to guests. Preserving our pets is essential, and a great way to do that is with art! My aunt’s birthday falls on Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to surprise her with something special.  Two of her favorite things are her kitty Rosey and StarWars, namely Darth Vader. When I saw the various StarWars character portrait choices on the Iconic Paw website. I had to get Rosey’s portrait done!  It came out phenomenal and she loved it!   Each portrait comes on canvas and is protectively wrapped with plastic.  It comes conveniently  boxed for gift giving. Be sure to check out the Iconic Paw website and look at  all of the great portrait choices available.  Once you find one you like, s

Keto Garlic Knots Made with Ketogenic Bread Mix!

  Starting Keto is easier than you think.  Many people think they have to give up some of their comfort foods in order to live a keto lifestyle.  This may be true in some senses, but there are so many wonderful alternatives out there that are delicious and simple. Ketonia Baked Goods makes  macaroons and bread mix! The macaroons are bite size pillowy soft balls of coconut heaven! They are so good!  Two macaroons are only one carb! For those of us who love bread mixes, you can still get that bread fix with Ketonia Baked Goods bread mix. There are so many awesome keto bread recipes on the Ketonia website.  Recipes like cinnamon bread, bacon cheddar bread and more!  You will be sure to get your bread fix! Check out this delicious  1 Carb Keto Garlic Knots recipe!   Ketonia’s Keto Garlic Knots Garlicky and buttery goodness. Ketonias’ Keto Garlic Knots are the ultimate keto and low carb addition to any table. I usually make the bread in my food processor, but it can be done by hand or in a