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"Redeeming Love" - Coming to Theatres on January 21st

  THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED FILM ADAPTATION OF BESTSELLING NOVEL    ‘ REDEEMING  LOVE’  Disclosure: I received a screener of this movie to review. I absolutely love this movie.  I had so many emotions when watching this movie. It is a heartbreaking story about a young girl who is forced into prostitution at a very young age and disconnects herself from everyone around her. When a young farmer sees her walking in town, he makes a commitment to make her his wife and take her away from the only life she’s known.  However, when he comes to rescue her, she doesn’t understand why he would want her, and he doesn’t receive the reception he expected.  Through perseverance he convinces her to take a chance, however things don’t go as smoothly as expected.  This is a must see romance movie that is unlike any other I’ve seen.  I can’t wait to watch it again. I think it will win awards. REDEEMING  LOVE  is a powerful and timeless love story that takes place against the backdrop of the California Gold

Lionsgate Announce: American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story Arrives on Digital February 4 and 4K Ultra HD, DVD, & On Demand on February 22

  Based on the inspirational true story of two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner,  American Underdog  arrives on Digital February 4 and on 4K Ultra HD   Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital), Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital), DVD, and On Demand February 22 from Lionsgate. Available on Digital February 4 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD,    & On Demand on February 22 from Lionsgate ®     SANTA MONICA, CA (January 18, 2022)  – Based on the inspirational true story of two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner,  American Underdog  arrives on Digital February 4 and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital), Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital), DVD, and On Demand February 22 from Lionsgate. From The Erwin Brothers ( I Still Believe  and  I Can Only Imagine ) and screenwriters Jon Erwin ( I Still Believe  and  I Can Only Imagine ) & David Aaron Cohen ( Friday Night Lights )

Keep Your Home Looking It’s Best in the Winter

  Winters can be extremely harsh on your home and a storm could cause a lot of damage not only to the inside of your home but also the outside. If you want to avoid those costly repairs, make sure that your home is ready for winter. It’s not always easy to know how you could prepare your home and protect your property for the cold weather but there are a few simple tips that can assist you for these tips.  Check Drainage and Gutters: With intense winters can also come intense rainfall. While cleaning out the gutter is not the best job in the world, it will also save you a lot of money in the long run. Well maintained gutters can reduce the need to replace them as well as the chance of having any roof damage in the future. A clogged gutter and break and overflow which puts strain on your roof. It can also fill with ice which then wil thaw and amage and strain your gutter system. Set your ladder against the side of the house and scoop out the dirt with a small shovel. Dump it into a bag


    DISNEY+ DEBUTS TRAILER AND KEY ART FOR  “THE WONDERFUL WINTER OF MICKEY MOUSE”   "The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse" Continues with the  First of Four Original Specials Premiering February 18 on Disney+       LINK TO TRAILER:     BURBANK, Calif. (January 18, 2022)  – Today, Disney+ announced the premiere date and released the trailer and key art for "The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse," launching the second season of "The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.” The second installment consists of four extended-length specials that are themed to each season – winter, spring, summer, and autumn. “The Wonderful Winter of Mickey Mouse,” premieres February 18, exclusively on Disney+.  "The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse" spotlights the endearing, adventurous and comedic antics of Mickey Mouse, Disney's #1 star, and is geared towards kids, families, and fans of all ages. The series is produced by Disney Television Animati

5 Reasons to Buy Yourself Jewellery

  Jewellery, like flowers, is often seen as a romantic token, or  a  meaningful gift. Partners, parents, and other people that love us buy us jewellery to show us how they feel, or to commemorate a special event or milestone. While we might buy ourselves the occasional fashion piece, to match a specific outfit or to elevate a certain look,  for  the larger, more meaningful pieces, we wait to be gifted.  But the world is changing. Why should  we  wait for someone else to shower us with love? Why can’t  we  mark our own special occasions, or treat ourselves to things that we love? Buying yourself jewellery can be a powerful statement.  Here are  five of the reasons  why  you should do it.  You Deserve It We all deserve something special from time to time, and we shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to tell us.  You work hard, you have commitments and responsibilities, and you try your best for other people. Rewarding yourself with something beautiful is a great way to boost your mood

$100 Triple Rainbow Dance Party Prize Pack Giveaway!

Sponsored By:  Sugar Mountain PR Hosted By:  Love, Mrs. Mommy The Winner Will Receive:  A $100 Triple Rainbow "You Are Magic Dance Party" Prize Pack! Prizes Include: Triple Rainbow CD Triple Rainbow T-shirt for kids 3 oz jar of SLIME (which is a song on the new album)! Stickers Buttons Coloring page printables for party guests A curated party playlist by Jared Mees of Triple Rainbow (who is also an indie rocker and co-founder of Portland’s legendary Tender Loving Empire music label and retail group). and  A personalized audio message from July and Piper Mees, telling you (or your kid) that YOU ARE MAGIC! On Jan. 21, Triple Rainbow will host a LIVE celebratory party streaming on their Facebook and Instagram pages! Follow Triple Rainbow on social media: Facebook   /   Instagram   /   YouTube Watch their "You Are Magic" YouTube Video: You can order the album here! Releases on January 21, 2022! About Sugar Mountain Sugar Mountain PR is a public relations agency speci

Share a Simple Yet Thoughtful Charcuterie with Your Sweetheart

  I find picnics and meals that can be fed to eachother very romantic.  While it may be too cold to picnic outdoors in some parts of the country this Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a romantic picnic-like meal indoors.   SnapDragon apples  has presented this wonderful charcuterie board as the perfect alternative for a romantic evening indoors. SnapDragon apples are not only among the top premium apples to buy in store and bake with, their monster crunch and sweet taste also pair well with charcuterie boards. To create the best Valentine's day, it's not the gift, but the gesture, especially one that creates a romantic evening.  SnapDragon apples are so good that they can even replace crackers to go along with any kind of cheeses, meats, and wine combination.  Valentine’s Day isn’t always about jewelry, flowers and candy.  For some of us, its about kind gestures and a romantic evening celebrating each other’s love and dedication.

Celebrate National Vegan Month with LivBar: The Organic Superfood Bar

Are you looking for a healthy snack to keep you on track and sustained in between meals, while at work or while adventuring in nature? LivBar is the organic superfood bar that is very delicious, and has so many great attributes. Check them out: Gluten Free Soy Free Dairy Free Corn Free GMO Free According to 2021 SPINS data,  LivBar is the fastest growing organic brand in the natural category and on shelves in all 50 states. LivBar  is a USDA certified organic nutrition  bar  made with real food ingredients and packaged in the industry's only compostable wrapper.  I love the unique flavors of the LivBar, which includes: Coffee Maple Cacao (tastes like tiramisu) Lemongrass Cherry Matcha Ginger Lemon Turmeric Raspberry Kale Maca Blueberry Vanilla Kale They are all so delicious and I like when I can look at a bar and see what’s inside of it.   The story LivBar  was founded by a nutritionist who struggled to find a convenient snack for her clients that was nutritionally balanced and act