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Delicious Gluten Free and Keto Friendly Baked Goods

I’m usually hesitant when purchasing gluten free and keto baked goods because sometimes they are dense and taste kind of meh.   All I can say is WOW!! These gluten free and keto friendly baked goods from  SmartBaking Company   are amazing! They are soft like clouds and taste so delicious! I can honestly say that these may be the best  gluten free, 0 carb and low carb baked goods I have ever had.  If I gave you one, you’d never think they were gluten free and low carb. I was sent an assortment of baked goods from Smart Baking Company to try.  They sent me Smartcakes, Smartbuns and Smartmuf’ns. They’re all packed with flavor and super delicious! When they say healthy snacks should taste this way, they are 100% correct! About At Smart Baking Company™, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between healthy and delicious. It shouldn’t matter if you’re gluten free, diabetic, on a keto diet, eating for weight loss or just trying to be more mindful—there should be a snack food for you. So we

Mighty Express Valentine’s Day Episode!

  This Valentine’s Day give your kids the precious gift of time as you cuddle up to watch the new Mighty Express Valentine’s Day episode! Available on Netflix February 2 nd , kids can catch a ride with their favorite train friends for Season 2 of   the action-packed pre-school series from Spin Master, a leading global children’s entertainment company!   In addition to watching the adorable Valentine’s Day episode, kids can feel the love with various activities as they: ·           Enjoy an additional  7 new episodes   from Season 2  of the Mighty Express series on Netflix! ·           Explore the  YouTube content  destination  for trainloads of fun! ·           Make Valentine’s Day cards for loved ones, play a word search game and even download a special Zoom background on the  Mighty Express  website ,   starting  February 2 nd ! ·           Choo-choo-choose a fun adventure to go on or play educational games in the  Mighty Express App , which is Teacher Approved by Google! ·          

Different Types of Flashlights and Their Features

There are tons of different types of flashlights out there and each one has a different purpose and different use. Since there are so many different types of flashlights out there, it helps to look at different types and learn a bit about what each does and what jobs it might be suited for. The History of the Flashlight The flashlight was first invented in the year 1899 and was a novelty item. No one really thought that a flashlight would do any good or that it would be something that would be useful in the long run. The original design was a paper tube with D batteries and a light bulb in a brass reflector on the front. This crude design was, as you would expect, far from versatile and far from durable. Though this was the case, the flashlight still managed to grow in popularity which then led to the need to redesign and rework the flashlight to make it more useful, easier to carry around, and more durable overall. Flashlights have since changed greatly with n

Super Soft Blankets that are Great for Couples and Cuddling

  Are you ready to cuddle with your Valentine? Do it with a Sweet Minky Design Blanket.  These blankets are so soft and luxurious and perfect for a night of cuddling.  They’re also great for keeping warm on these cold winter nights. I love the Sweet Minky Fawn Silver- OMG Nicole blanket I received.  It is so beautiful, soft and warm and has a nice weight to it. It’s perfect for snuggling up with a good book. Sweet Minky Designs offer a large variety of minky blankets. Whether you’re looking for infant, child, or adult blankets, we have an extensive selection of sizes, patterns, and colors to meet your needs. Minky blankets are perfect to cozy up with and will surely become a favorite in your blanket collection.  Minky is a 100% polyester fabric that is incredibly soft to the touch, making it a popular choice for baby blankets. It’s also available in several types of textures, including smooth, dimple dot, and super plush. Each and every Sweet Minky blanket is handmade locally by one of

Register for the WE360 Virtual Trade Show Now

  WE360 CONNECT A CURATED VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW AND CONSUMER EXPERIENCE TAKING PLACE APRIL 28 + 29, 2021 PREVIEW HERE A HUMAN-CENTRIC, TRANSFORMATIVE HYBRID PLATFORM TO BUILD BETTER HEALTH, WELLNESS AND SUSTAINABILITY FOR THE PLANET Sustainability brands confirmed include Sambazon, Puris Foods, Frinj Coffee, CatSpring Yaupon, Nano Fit Water, Brighter Days, Ritual Zero Proof,  SurfiCLEAN , Big Bold Health, Protekt Life, Pizza Girl, Moody’s Medicinals and more Also featuring WE360 The Well Speaker Series with talks and content from Captain Paul Watson's Sea Shepherd, Tyler Lorenzen, The Rob Machado Foundation, VETPAW, Elephant Cooperation, Jeffro Uitto, Wyland and many more JANUARY 22, 2021 – LOS ANGELES, CA – WE360 CONNECT  is an innovative alternative to traditional trade show models, with the first installation taking place virtually on  April 28 + 29, 2021​ . The brand new platform is both B2B and B2C and is curated to create conscious capitalism in an inspiring way, uniquely design

All-New Purr-fect Activities from Gabby’s Dollhouse!

  Purr-fect Activities for the Weekend from Gabby’s Dollhouse DreamWorks Gabby’s Dollhouse is now streaming exclusively on Netflix Enjoy the weekend with this set of all-new PAWS-itively PURR-fect at home activities from  Gabby’s Dollhouse , streaming now on Netflix! Don’t worry if you fail fantastically the first time - try again and have fun with it! Directions can be found below! Through DIY crafting projects, baking recipes and brain games, every room of  Gabby’s Dollhouse  is filled with exciting activities and magical adventures to keep kids engaged and entertained. Join Gabby, PandyPaws, Baby Box and the rest of her feline friends for weekly  Gabby’s Dollhouse  activities.  Created and executive produced by Traci Paige Johnson ( Blue's Clues, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood ) and Jennifer Twomey ( Blue's Clues, Team Umizoomi ),  Gabby's Dollhouse  is a mixed media series that unboxes a surprise before jumping into a fantastical animated world full of adorable cat cha

Good For You, Good For the Earth Beauty Products

Fresh Faced   Fresh Faced Skin Care and makeup products that are science-based, clean, natural, non-toxic, safe, and organic quality, superseding any others on the market. She has created Emulsifying Sugar Scrubs (13 different scents) and a Fresh Bath Box. Purchase  Bath box  -  https://freshfacedskincare. com/product/fresh-bath-box/ Did you ever find a scent that you wanted to bottle up and carry with you everywhere, so you could smell it any time you want? All of these Fresh Faced products have that scent. I can’t wait to use all of the products. I tried the Emulsifying Sugar Scrub and love it. It makes my dry winter skin feel super soft and silky and smells divine!  I’m looking forward to trying all of the face masks.  I’m also looking forward to trying the bath tea bags.  I love scent and love soft scents to relax with.  Fresh Faced Skincare makes so many wonderful scents to keep your senses stimulated and match your mood for the day or evening. Purchase:  https://freshfacedsk

Easily add hCaptcha with WPForms

Spammers use messaging systems to send unsolicited messages.  These are sometimes sent to a large number of people and are sometimes used on websites for the purpose of commercial advertising or fraud with the purpose of phishing. If you’re looking for a way to keep your website secure and free of those annoying spam messages, WPForms has hCaptcha integration, which they have made available to all of their users in WPForms v.1.6.4 I personally hate spam and always look for new ways to keep my sites free of it.  It is important for me to keep my site free from spam messages. WPForms is always looking for new and improved ways to help you keep your website and forms safe from spammers and phishing. The new hCaptcha integration is so simple to use and I’m excited to see it being available from WPForms. The h in hCaptcha stands for human and is a user-friendly alternative to Google’s reCAPTCHA. It is free for WPForms users and offered at . It has an emphasis on pr