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Luca is available now and a must see!   NEW IN-HOME TRAILER NOW AVAILABLE   YOUTUBE:     Disney and Pixar’s  “Luca” is celebrating  International Friendship Day by partnering with  Postable , the stylish postcard snail mail sender, to help friends say “ciao.” “Luca” fans can send physical postcards featuring Luca, Alberto and Giulia, with four greeting options each showing appreciation for companionship, adventure and acceptance while supplies last.    To send your own   “Luca” postcard, follow these simple steps:  Visit:  https://www.postable. com/luca Type a personal message Add name and address Postable will mail the postcard to your friend or family free of charge   Celebrate International Friendship Day with an all-new “Luca” in-home trailer. Embark on a fun-filled adventure of friendship on the Italian Riviera when Disney and Pixar’s “Luca” splashes onto Digital, 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD this Tuesday, Aug. 3.   The in-home release includes tw

GRIPBELL is a Free-Weight System That Does it All

  GRIPBELL Now Selling Weight Pairs   Lift, Curl, Swing and Press in the Comfort of Your Home with the Free-Weight System That Does it All RENO, NV (July 12, 2021) –  Revolutionary free-weight company  GRIPBELL  is proud to announce it is now selling its weights as sets of pairs. Previously only available in full sets, the stand alone pairs will satisfy the demand of individuals. People looking to enhance their home gym and fitness regimen will find this targeted and affordable option the best way of providing an excellent, full body, at-home workout.    With its innovative design, GRIPBELL is the superior handheld free weight system. Hundreds of exercises are possible with nearly unlimited range of grip positions, making it the most versatile free-weight system on the market. As the weight is equally distributed throughout the device and there are no sharp edges, GRIPBELL is both ergonomic and family friendly, and allows users to perform all the movements of both dumbbells and kettleb


    The  new  Fold  &  Go  B each Set is a  fully collapsible pail that is  perfectly portable for on - the - go warm-weather fun! The Hape Fold and Go Beach Set is the perfect beach day and sandbox companion.  It’s collapsible and easily and fits nicely in its storing case.  It’s light enough for your little one to carry on their own, yet strong and durable.  The set comes with a collapsible bucket, fish mold and shovel.   •  This b right and colorful   Fold  &  Go Beach Set   f eatures  a stylishly d esigned, collapsible  pail that folds down almost completely flat ! Pack it   neatly into  its  lightweight nylon z ip-up  carry case  along  with  its  colorful plastic shovel   and fish mold .   •  The   p ail , made from  nylon, features  a waterproof lining  so it can hold water or sand.   The pail’s  outside pocket  is designed to  hold the shovel and sand mold  or can be used to store seashells!   •  This 2-in-1 beach  set is  perfect fo r  summer travels.     Ages: 18 Mont

How to Earn Passive Income From Your Email List?

With your email list growing from multiple sources, it’s time to take the next step. If you aren’t very sure of what to do with them, you are at the right place. As you read ahead, you will master the ways to make money from the email list. And if this excites you but you don’t have an email list, here is a way to build one. You may use your website to capture the email addresses of visitors by offering some value to them. It could be a case study, a monthly newsletter subscription, etc. Or  If you don’t have a website and are not sure how to find someone's email, you could use an email finder tool for finding email addresses of your prospects. is one of the best email lookup tools to locate anyone’s business email address within a few seconds. The tool incorporates big data and machine learning algorithms to predict the email format and has a high accuracy rate. But remember that before building your list, you must clearly define your target audience.  So, t

Dating for Companionship After Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one is always difficult and is one of the greatest challenges in our lives. It often leaves an empty void that can’t be filled.  Many people, while lonely, believe in being committed to one partner for their entire life, and don’t want to enter into another relationship.  There is an alternative for widows and widowers to fill that empty void without being in a committed relationship.  You can date for companionship. When you date for companionship you aren’t necessarily looking for a love interest.  More importantly, you want to find someone who understands you, who you can spend time with and have a connection with.  You want someone who can listen when you need an ear, or sometimes someone who you can go to dinner, a show or movie with when you’re feeling lonely. Benefits   Dating for companionship has many benefits that fill the important gaps in our lives. The benefits are just as important as love and are important to our mental health. Dating for companionship hel

Shoprite’s Exclusive Bowl & Basket™ Fresh Chicken Line

  With the summer season in full swing, ShopRite is here to help with all your grilling needs. The NEW Bowl & Basket Fresh Chicken line is of the highest quality and of course, all at extremely budget-friendly prices, perfect for your next summer barbeque.   For those looking to create fast, tasty and healthy meals that they can feel good about serving their families, Bowl & Basket Fresh Chicken is antibiotic, steroid and hormone-free. Bowl & Basket Fresh Chicken offerings include breasts, thighs, fillets, wings, drumsticks – ready to be put on the grill on a summer evening!   Shoppers can find flavorful recipes available at by visiting the  The Recipe Shop . This free, recipe archive contains hundreds of chef-worthy chicken-based recipe ideas. Best of all, users can download recipes and ingredients directly into their ShopRite from Home shopping carts.

The Advantages of Shapewear

  People choose to wear shapewear for various reasons. Some of us choose to slenderize, while others may choose to accentuate a certain aspect of their bodies. Some people even like to use shapewear at the gym to help improve their posture or form. Shapewear has made many improvements over the years and is more well made and much more comfortable nowadays.   It is more breathable and provides better support and compression. Choosing proper shapewear is important for helping you create a smoother, slimmer and more sculpted appearance.  The main goal is to look and feel more confident. Whether you have a special occasion, like a wedding, a date, holiday get together or job interview, feeling good and looking out best can help portray a better image of ourselves to others. Shapellx carries a full line of shapewear for women of all sizes, and includes body suits that help to give your clothing a better fit while giving you a more sculpted appearing body.  It’s time to embrace our curves. W

4 Tips for Planning a Perfect BBQ Cookout

  There is nothing like a good old barbecue cookout with friends and family to kick the blues away, especially in the current situation we find ourselves in. One of America's favorite pastimes, the aromatic scent of grilled meat from a BBQ cookout billows high whether it's the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or Father's Day. This checklist provides some tips for you to incorporate in your next cookout, from introducing all purpose seasoning to save time to employing certain techniques that will reduce the effort and time taken in washing utensils afterward by half.   Select a Theme It is the perfect way to spruce up your cookout to a new level. Add a theme - any theme you can think of that will involve your family - to the cookout. If you have children, this will be an excellent opportunity to teach them fun art and crafts techniques.    If you're low on ideas, here are a few to get your creative juices flowing –    Beach theme - If you have an indoor swimming pool, this is