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GRIPBELL is a Free-Weight System That Does it All

 GRIPBELL Now Selling Weight Pairs


Lift, Curl, Swing and Press in the Comfort of Your Home

with the Free-Weight System That Does it All

RENO, NV (July 12, 2021) – Revolutionary free-weight company GRIPBELL is proud to announce it is now selling its weights as sets of pairs. Previously only available in full sets, the stand alone pairs will satisfy the demand of individuals. People looking to enhance their home gym and fitness regimen will find this targeted and affordable option the best way of providing an excellent, full body, at-home workout. 


With its innovative design, GRIPBELL is the superior handheld free weight system. Hundreds of exercises are possible with nearly unlimited range of grip positions, making it the most versatile free-weight system on the market. As the weight is equally distributed throughout the device and there are no sharp edges, GRIPBELL is both ergonomic and family friendly, and allows users to perform all the movements of both dumbbells and kettlebells combined.


Featured Sets Include:

  • 3lb Pair -     $95.99
  • 5lb Pair -   $105.99
  • 8lb Pair -   $109.99
  • 10lb Pair - $119.99
  • 12lb Pair - $129.99


“GRIPBELL is changing the way everyone is looking at weighted fitness devices and free-weights,” said Ronald Obray, CEO of GRIPBELL. “The endless capabilities of GRIPBELL for the home and family are revolutionary. We have designed GRIPBELL with all ages and fitness levels in mind, from kids to the pros. We want them to be available to anyone and everyone interested in boosting their daily fitness, and having sets of pairs will make it further accessible.”


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GRIPBELL is a revolutionary fitness design that replaces all other handheld weighted gym equipment. With various grip positions, GRIPBELL can be used for hundreds of movements to safely and effectively challenge your body, such as a lift curl swing press with just one piece of equipment. Unlike other free-weights, it has perfectly distributed weight so you can increase intensity without worrying about losing control of the equipment. Plus, each GRIPBELL is the same size, regardless of weight, so going heavier doesn’t mean adjusting to a larger piece of equipment. To learn more, visit the official GRIPBELL WebsiteInstagramTwitterTikTok, and YouTube.

As many of you know, I’ve been recovering from surgery that I had late June and have been wheelchair bound since.  I was so excited to receive a set of 3lb GRIPBELL weights so that I can get an upper body workout while recovering.  I love the unique design that lets me use the weights in so many different ways.  Check out my Instagram review for more info and save 15% using code FRIENDS15.