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Pregnancy Resources

Each situation in which a woman suspects she’s pregnant is different. Some women are excited, others shocked and still others worried. Regardless of how she feels once the pregnancy testing confirms a pregnancy, each woman needs to address her options as quickly as possible. Not every woman knows her options, though. Women are typically a resource for one another, sharing knowledge and advice about women’s health issues. When a woman doesn’t have a reliable resource network of her own, she’ll need to seek out her answers from other sources. The Internet Some people go straight to the world wide web for all their information needs. A quick search of the term ‘pregnancy’ loads a page full of medical references and articles that may be of help to the expectant mother. Some of the information, however, will not be of help. It’s easy to find yourself down a rabbit hole with regards to subjects on the web. Pregnancy-related topics like morning sickness have been cove

Travel Smart Jewelry Pieces

  Summer is here and that means travel season is upon us! Regardless of what your vacation may be, packing your favorite vacation staple pieces are a must. And while you may be tempted to flaunt your beautiful engagement ring, wedding ring, or that precious diamond ring to help elevate that vacation outfit,  you may want to reconsider packing it altogether.  Olivia Starling , founder and CEO of jewelry brand Starlette Galleria , highlights why you should consider swapping out your priceless and precious rings for a more affordable, stylish option for your next vacation. “Your wedding ring is easy to swap out and difficult to replace. When you travel with your wedding or engagement ring, you are risking loss, theft, and damage on one of your most prized possessions. Don't travel with your real wedding ring! Snag a high-quality, simulated diamond ring that is plated to prevent tarnishing and safe for sensitive skin,” says Olivia Starling. Fun fact about diamonds: Simulated diamond

Summer Fun with Illumination’s Minions

  FREE THE FUN  this Summer with Illumination’s  Minions ! Sweet, subversive and always unpredictable, the  Minions  are back to save the day and make sure your family has the best summer yet. From toys to games and even some yummy treats, the fun never stops with the mischievous antics of Kevin, Bob, Stuart and all the beloved  Minions . Minions : The Rise of Gru  will hit theaters on July 1, 2022. In the meantime, Illumination’s original blockbuster  Minions  is airing on NBC on June 11! Exploding  Minions  marks the first licensed game from Exploding Kittens, a leading game and entertainment company that is, to date, the #1 most-backed project in Kickstarter history and has sold over 15 million games.  Exploding  Minions  will be available at Target and  on  June 21 for $19.99. Here are two fun interactive toys from the Minions toy line.  They are both so much fun to play with. I love how they speak and sing in their little minion voices. This adorable Minion B

The Pokémon Company International Unveils the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Celebrations Collection Commemorating 25 Years of the Brand

  New Expansion to Deliver Diverse Product Lineup Featuring Fan-Favorite Pokémon and Remakes of Classic Pokémon TCG Cards Bellevue, Wash.—June 24, 2021— In celebration of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, The Pokémon Company International announced the highly-anticipated Pokémon Trading Card Game:  Celebrations  collection, which will showcase beloved characters from the Pokémon franchise, as well as popular card artwork and gameplay mechanics spanning the history of the Pokémon TCG. With nine different products,  Celebrations  will have something for everyone when the expansion launches starting on Oct. 8, 2021, at participating retailers around the world. “The Pokémon Trading Card Game has always been an iconic pillar of the Pokémon brand, and it’s been a joy to see the community continue to grow while bonding with family and friends over a common love of the Pokémon TCG,” said Barry Sams, vice president of the Pokémon Trading Card Game at The Pokémon Company International. “We look forwar


  MILLION STORIES MEDIA ANNOUNCES THEIR NEW SHOW "RAMEN PROFITABLE," WHICH PROVES THAT ANYONE CAN HAVE AN IDEA FOR A BUSINESS BUT IT WILL TAKE REAL GRIT TO BUILD IT FROM SCRATCH. Each episode watches early-stage founders fight to turn a profit and gives an inside look at the economics behind entrepreneurship. Do you ever wonder how people become successful in businesses? The free digital channel, powered by the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship, uses the power of entertainment to break the taboo about talking about money and engage viewers to set themselves up for better financial futures.  The foundation also takes the approach that everyone has the ability to be the CEO of their own lives and encourages viewers to think with an entrepreneurial mindset.   You can watch episodes from RAMEN PROFITABLE here:  https://www. Ramen-Profitable?id=21 Check out the trailer for the RAMEN PROFITABLE here:

Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Work for Hair Loss?

  Photo by  Akwice  from  Pexels Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment that can be used to accelerate healing in different areas of the body. It may also be effective in restoring hair growth, and is becoming a more popular treatment option for patients who are suffering from androgenetic alopecia, a condition that causes the hair follicles to shrink and is known as male pattern baldness in men. While PRP is a relatively new way of dealing with hair loss, there is growing scientific evidence to suggest that it is a successful treatment choice.  What is PRP? To get a solid understanding of how PRP works, it’s important to know the  role of platelets  in the healing process. Platelets are a main component in our blood along with the white and red blood cells. When you cut or injure yourself, the platelets are the ‘first responders’ in the body that arrive at the site to stop the bleeding. The idea behind PRP is to extract and isolate these platelets and inject them directly into dama

Rugrats: The Complete Series

I am a huge Rugrats fan and followed the entire series from Episode 1 back in 1991.  I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since it first aired.  When my son was little we use to sit and watch Rugrats every day together.  He loved the antics of the brave and helpful Tommy Pickles and his nervous best friend Chuckie. I always got a good laugh from Tommy’s cousin Angelica, who was always plotting something with her trusty sidekick Cynthia doll.  Of course we can’t forget Susie, who always had the Rugrats backs and Kimi.  Of course we can’t forget adorable baby Dil Pickles. We always looked forward to the adventures  Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Spike would dream up.  We especially loved when Reptar, Tommy’s stuffed dinosaur, was involved.  My son had a stuffed Reptar that he would sit with while watching the show.  I was so excited when I was sent the newly released Rugrats, The Complete Series 26 disc set.  It includes all 9 seasons of the Rugrats and even has some extras including All G

How you can Take Ownership for Your Contribution to Climate Change

Everyone plays a part in contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases in one way or another. As a result of these actions, these gases have led to far-ranging health and environmental effects. They have contributed to the emergence of deadly respiratory diseases caused by air pollution and smog and led to global warming, which has led to extreme weather and food supply disruptions. Ralph Thurman , a healthcare practitioner and a champion of the use of renewable energy to reduce the adverse effects of the greenhouse gas effect, advises that everyone has to play their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the earth's surface. Therefore, each person needs to offset carbon monoxide emissions practically and immediately to take ownership of their contribution to climatic change using the following ways. Reduce Carbon Emissions from Driving Drive Low Carbon Cars Every vehicle has its own estimation of miles per gallon rating. Therefore, high mileage will