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Summer Fun with Illumination’s Minions


FREE THE FUN this Summer with Illumination’s Minions! Sweet, subversive and always unpredictable, the Minions are back to save the day and make sure your family has the best summer yet. From toys to games and even some yummy treats, the fun never stops with the mischievous antics of Kevin, Bob, Stuart and all the beloved Minions.

Minions: The Rise of Gru will hit theaters on July 1, 2022. In the meantime, Illumination’s original blockbuster Minions is airing on NBC on June 11!

Exploding Minions marks the first licensed game from Exploding Kittens, a leading game and entertainment company that is, to date, the #1 most-backed project in Kickstarter history and has sold over 15 million games. Exploding Minions will be available at Target and on June 21 for $19.99.

Here are two fun interactive toys from the Minions toy line.  They are both so much fun to play with. I love how they speak and sing in their little minion voices. This adorable Minion Babble Otto is perfect for any age. Just tap his head and listen to him babble and mumble.  He also lights up in a soft glow. Tip him over for more fun sounds.

Babble Otto features nine different ways to get a response and more than 30 sounds and phrases! Features state-of-the-art tech for the ultimate, realistic Minions response! Comes with a golden stone accessory! Ages 4 and up. By Mattel.

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Also available at Target and other Mass merchandise stores 


Enjoy Minions: The Rise of Gru action and laughs with new character Otto! This large interactive toy features nine different ways to play, 20+ sounds and phrases and state of the art tech for the ultimate, realistic Minions response! Touch his head and he tells a short story or sings. Press his pocket and he says "Bello". Move him in a variety of ways and he reacts with different expressions for each action. You can tilt him left, tilt him right, fly him around, turn him upside down and hear a variety of funny Minion responses. Put the included sacred stone in his pocket and he reacts ecstatic. At the end of play, lay him down and he will sing himself a lullaby and go to sleep. Babble Otto will delight fans with the many endearing ways he reacts to them in signature Minion style. This irresistible, interactive play friend also makes a unique gift. Colors, decorations and dimensions may vary.

Features & details

  • New character Otto from Minions: The Rise of Gru responds to how you move him.
  • 20+ signature sounds and phrases when you move him in nine different positions.
  • Innovative technology creates realistic reactions.
  • Engaging companionship toy and super special gift for Minions' fans.
  • Great gift for kids ages 4 years and up.

Sing and Babble Minions are available in Otto, Kevin and Stewie.  Purchase all 3 and watch them interact with eachother.  They babble and sing their ways into my heart and I’m sure they will into yours too. Just push down on them to make them laugh, speak and sing. Ages 4 and up. By Mattel.

Purchase: at Target or Amazon


The Minions Sing 'n Babble Otto figure brings the fun of the Minions movies home! Standing approximately 4 inches (10.2 cm) tall, Otto interacts with all the other Minion Sing 'n Babble characters! This figure has 25 plus Otto-specific sounds -chatter, songs and laughter -and comes with a pet rock accessory that is swappable with other same-sized Minion figures. Just push down on the figure and see Otto interact like never before as he talks, sings, and respond to other Minions, calling them by name! Combining multiple Sing 'n Babble figures creates a talking and singing exchange of mischief! Each figure sold separately and subject to availability. Colors, decorations and dimensions may vary.

Features & details

  • Otto recognizes and responds to all the other Sing 'n Babble characters for fun interaction as they call each other by name and talk, sing, and laugh together.
  • Recreate the mischief of Minion Otto by activating his character-specific chatter, song and laughter by pushing down on the figure.
  • Standing about 4 inches (10.2 cm) tall, this Minion Otto figure features a movie-authentic look and sounds and includes a pet rock accessory and moveable joints for increased storytelling and display options!
  • With universal handgrips and detachable accessories, these Sing 'n Babble figures can swap and share with other same-scale figures, like Minions action figures and Movie Moments Minions.
  • Makes a mischievous movie-themed gift for Minions fans ages 4 years old and up


  1. I don't know much at all about the minons this is one show my niece has never asked to watch. I am sure zayada has watched them before. And I only know who they are because of their little yellow bodies.

  2. I love the Minions and so do my daughters. We have been playing a lot of board games this summer, and I know that we would enjoy the Exploding Minions game.

  3. Minions are a family favorite. How fun and cute

  4. My baby absolutely loves Minions!! We are so excited for the new movie and definitely need to check these Minion products out! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the one with fun noises.

  6. We love the minions! I'm so excited to hear there is a new film that will be out in 1 day! I love Bob that talks and makes noises. So fun.

  7. My nephew always love Minions.


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