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Crayola Experience Easton Reopening Jan. 6

    EASTON, Pa. (Dec. 31, 2020)  – The Crayola Experience in downtown Easton, Pa., will reopen on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.  The attraction and The Crayola Store will be open Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.   In addition, The Crayola Store will be open Jan. 2 and Jan. 3 from noon to 8 p.m.   Crayola Experience is extending expiration dates on all valid annual passes and valid general admission ti ckets.   The family attraction has been temporarily closed since  Dec. 12, 2020, as a result of a statewide executive order affecting indoor entertainment venues in response to the increasing spread of COVID-19. Those restrictions are being lifted as of 8 a.m. Monday, Jan. 4, 2021.   Previously implemented e mployee and customer protocols  designed to promote cleanliness, social distancing and reduced physical contact in the store remain in effect including:  ·         Requiring face masks for employees and guests 2 years and older. ·         Restricting occupancy to 50 percen


  MISCHIEF IS ON THE HORIZON IN THE NEWEST SHIMMER AND SHINE DVD! SHIMMER AND SHINE:  MAGICAL MISCHIEF Available on DVD January 26, 2021   LOS ANGELES–December 21, 2020–Nickelodeon’s twin genies-in-training Shimmer and Shine will fly onto DVD in Shimmer and Shine: Magical Mischief, as they battle their nemesis, Zeta the Sorceress. Arriving on DVD January 26, 2021, preschoolers will be taken on eight magical and spellbinding adventures as Zeta continues to cause chaos in Zahramay Falls. Shimmer and Shine: Magical Mischief DVD will be available from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $10.99.   Shimmer and Shine: Magical Mischief episodes: Size of the Beholder Zoomicorn Toss The Glob The Silent Treatment Trick or Treasure Easy as Pie Genie for a Day Samira & Zeta: The Magic Begins   Shimmer and Shine: Magical Mischief: Mischief is bubbling up in eight spellbinding tales! When Zeta conjures up ways to steal Leah’s voice, tr

Become a Better Cook With This Secret Ingredient

Do you love cooking? Well I Do! Whether you are cooking a meal for your significant other, or preparing a dinner for your entire family, cooking is a peaceful, rewarding task. There are few better feelings in the world than the compliments you receive after someone’s first bite. When everything is cooked beautifully, plated perfectly, and well received, you feel like a Michelin Star Rated food icon! Everyone has a “secret recipe” that they don’t tell anyone. Some people even have secret ingredients they refuse to disclose. A friend of mine told me about their secret recipe they said would revolutionize my cooking. Apparently, my friend came across a product called Spice Sack .  It’s an array of spices by Chef Darrell Smith. The product is a composition of individual spices, put together to add the perfect flavor to any dish you are cooking.  What many of us face is the difficulty of avoiding recycling dishes. My friend found himself  cooking the same dishes every week. As many of us ar

Three Ways to Keep Connected Online

  Keeping connected  online has never been easier. Thanks to the increasing connectivity of the internet and the possibility to talk to friends and family no matter where in the world you are, more and more people are using digital options to keep in touch.    At first ,  it may  seem a little overwhelming, and you may miss the fun of physically hugging and talking to your nearest and dearest.  However, with a little commitment and effort,  keeping in touch and having fun together online is  definitely possible .  W e have outlined  three  ways  you connect to your nearest and dearest online  below.    Video Calls   The simplest way to keep in touch online is to set up a video call. Thanks to the rise of technology, you can now talk to several people at once  -  with almost minimal glitches and err ors. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic,  videoconfe rencing software  has been a  critical driver of intimacy online. You  don't  just have to call e ither. In the UK, for examp

Easy to Make Christmas Crafts

  Crafting community, LoveCrafts, has rounded up 29 amazing little projects that can all be made in one day, from crochet daisy chain bookmarks to an easy-make macrame plant and bottle hanger. Check out some of the highlights below or head here for the full roundup: us/c/article/29-awesome- project-you-can-make-in-one- day There’s still time to knit some Christmas themed one-day crafts as well – such as easy-make Christmas pudding pom-poms, crochet snowflakes and a Christmas Eve Star to hang in the tree.   Easy-make Christmas Crafts   Christmas Eve Star us/p/christmas-eve-star- knitting-pattern-for- christmas-in-paintbox-yarns- simply-dk-dk-xmas-knit-001   Twinkling Snowflake us/p/twinkling-snowflakes-in- bernat-handicrafter-holidays- downloadable-pdf   Christmas pudding pom-poms us/c/article/pompom-christmas- pudding-tutorial   One-day makes for getting creative

3 Great Online Tools for Church Ministries

As churches become more and more involved in their communities, it's helpful to have a few online Christian ministry tools to make serving a little easier. Whether or not you consider yourself to be tech-savvy, most of these resources are easy for anyone to use. Below are a few web-based tools to help make your church's ministry work more effective.  Online Scripture Although every Christian should have a printed Bible, a Bible website or app makes it easy to read or listen to scripture on the go. These web-based Bible resources may have a slight advantage over printed Bibles, as they allow the user to compare Bible translations simultaneously, quickly look up a keyword or investigate cross-references with ease. Many online Bibles even include Greek and Hebrew lexicons and commentary for in-depth study. The best part is that most of these resources are free. There are a multitude of online Bible resources available, so hunt around and find one that suit

Play Laser Tag Wherever You Want!

  Laser X Revolution is the #1 Home Laser Tag System, and I can see why.  It’s so well made and comes with everything you need for 2 players to have an awesome fun challenge.  Recommended for ages 6 and up. Each set comes with 2 Laser X blasters which reach up to 300 feet, have color changing light effects, and a quick slide reload.  They also come with the chest receiver which allows you to choose whether you are neutral, blue or red team.   All Laser X products work together so you can make your teams as big as you want!   I receive free product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  These are so much fun.  I tested them out with my husband and we had a blast! We can’t wait to set up obstacle courses and battle!  About Laser X Laser   X  Revolution can be found at  Target  and .   Laser   X Revolution is like having a  laser  tag arena in your own backyard! Blast opponents up to 300’ away – inside or out, in darkness or bright sunlight.  Choose from more than 20

Wubble Rumblers are Tons of Fun!

Let’s get ready for some rumbling fun with Wubble Rumblers!  These huge, super fun inflatable wrestlers are so much fun to wrestle.  Each wrestler comes with a pump that makes it easy to blow up.  They are made from soft, lightweight material that is perfect for play fighting.  They are available in the following: Full Nelson :  This huge wrestler is ready to take on any battle with his lightweight, super elastic body.  Kids six and up will be having tons of wrestling fun with him.  He is very durable and perfect for play fights. Air Ninja : Made with the same durable materials as the Full Nelson wrestler, this ninja is ready for the ultimate battle.  It’s strong enough to endure those kicks and blows in an imagination filled battle.   Karate Chop : I burst out laughing when I saw how huge this karate chop was!  How can you not want to go around giving giant karate chops to your friends and family!   Also available is the Furious Fist which is, you guessed it, a gigantic inflatable