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Wubble Rumblers are Tons of Fun!

Let’s get ready for some rumbling fun with Wubble Rumblers!  These huge, super fun inflatable wrestlers are so much fun to wrestle.  Each wrestler comes with a pump that makes it easy to blow up.  They are made from soft, lightweight material that is perfect for play fighting.  They are available in the following:

Full Nelson :  This huge wrestler is ready to take on any battle with his lightweight, super elastic body.  Kids six and up will be having tons of wrestling fun with him.  He is very durable and perfect for play fights.

Air Ninja : Made with the same durable materials as the Full Nelson wrestler, this ninja is ready for the ultimate battle.  It’s strong enough to endure those kicks and blows in an imagination filled battle.  

Karate Chop : I burst out laughing when I saw how huge this karate chop was!  How can you not want to go around giving giant karate chops to your friends and family!   Also available is the Furious Fist which is, you guessed it, a gigantic inflatable fist!

There are many Wubble Rumblers available for everyone in your family!  There are even Fuzzy Wumblers! They are adorable inflatables that are soft and cuddly.  They’re available in Cupid the Kittycorn, Bubbles the Narwhal and other adorable animals!  You are going to want to collect them all!

About Wubble Rumblers:

Wubble Rumblers are the latest in the Wubble family. Styles include a Wrestler, Ninja, Fist or Karate Hand.  Whack ‘em! Smack ‘em!  Bop ‘em! Chop ‘em! The Wubble Rumblers are made for good old rough and tumble fun!  Battle it out with friends with this ultimate accessory for play fighting.  The Rumblers inflate a gigantic three feet tall!  Rumblers are squishy, squashy, super soft and 400 times more elastic than a typical inflatable – from the makers of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball!  Enjoy hours of big bopping fun as you get your rumble on! Recommended for ages 6+.  Inflates in minutes with the enclosed nozzle. 

I received these super fun Wubble toys to review free of charge.  You can purchase your own at Target.

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