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Halloween cake pops

I had so much fun making Halloween cake pops with my Goodcook Halloween cake pop mold. I used Duncan Hines Funfetti cake mix and baked the cake according to the box directions.   I made (2) 9 inch cake rounds.   I then let the cake cool. I then took the cake rounds and 3/4 container of 16 oz pre-made frosting (white) and placed both in my food processor and pulsed until it was a sand-like consistency. I then took an ice cream scooper and scooped it into the molds. I then took the cake pop stick and dipped it into melted chocolate and placed it into the hole.  The chocolate acts as an adhesive to allow the cake to stick to it.  I then placed it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.  The main idea is to let it set.  You can let it sit at room temperature as well.  Make sure to keep it covered. When the molds were ready I removed them and started to decorate them.  You can make hair by dipping the pop into sugars while the frosting or chocolate coating is still wet.

Halloween Peeps Decorating Ideas

Peeps are not only delicious and fun to eat, but they are great for making delicious and festive desserts and favors for any occasion! I transformed boring pudding into a fun Peeps nest by adding some fun sprinkles and topping it off with a delicious dark chocolate covered Halloween Peeps. Plain vanilla cupcakes can become fun table placemarkers with a little imagination using different color sprinkles and edible confetti and some fun Halloween peeps.  I used chocolate covered pumpkin peeps, cocoa cat peeps and dark chocolate covered peep chicks. I transformed a boring store bought cake into a fun and festive Halloween centerpiece  cake by surrounding it with cocoa cat peeps and topping it off with my dark chocolate peeps and a chocolate covered pumpkin peep. Peeps are delicious marshmallow treats that are inexpensive and delicious.  There are so many ways to become creative with peeps and turn your party into an event worth bragging about.  A little i

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month.  There are many ways to help fight this terrible disease.  Many organizations have walks, runs and fundraisers to help raise funds to find a cure.  Be sure to check your community for local events. Learn more about breast cancer  or make a donation by visiting We can make a difference.