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Happy New Year 2019 Giveaway Hop

Are you ready to get fit in 2019!  Let The DeskCycle be a part of your daily routine!  The DeskCycle is designed so you can get exercise at your desk while sitting. It fits perfectly under most desks and can be placed in front of my couch, a chair, etc. It is portable, so it can be taken anywhere. Free up time in your day by cycling at your desk while you work, so you don't have to do it later! There is a tension knob on the Desk Cycle, so you can make the cycle easy or hard to cycle. This is great as you build up strength, so you can keep yourself challenged. DeskCycle Benefits :   Improve your Health, Energy-Level, and Productivity   Free up More Time in Your Day, Use at Work or at Home   Sweating Is Not Required   8 Magnetic Resistance Levels   Smooth Pedal Motion and Whisper-Quiet Operation   Keep the Resistance Low at Your Desk   Lowest Pedal Height of Any Under Desk Exercise Bike People who exercise

Happy New Year from Chatty Patty's Place

The new year is upon us and it is time to start reflecting on 2018 and beginning a new chapter in 2019.   2018 was a pretty good year for us.  We did a lot of road trips and weekend getaways.  It was nice to take extra time for ourselves.  It had been a while since we had done so.  This past month was a bit hectic.  I had to tone down my holiday decorating and celebrating a bit. My kitty was ill and went blind.  She is adjusting well and we are helping her find her way around and settle into her new world by giving her lots of extra attention and making sure to be with her as much as possible.  This year is going to be bringing big changes in my home.  My son is going to be moving out on his own this month and my husband and I will be empty nesters.  We plan on doing some home improvements and renovations with future thoughts of downsizing to a smaller home since it is only going to be the two of us living together now. I am hoping to make some self improvements in the new

Enter to win an Ultrasonic Toothbrush That Does More than Clean Your Teeth

I went to my dentist last month to get some work done and had a cleaning.  I have the type of saliva that produces tough plaque, so my oral hygienist advised me to start using an electric toothbrush.  I am really not a fan of them because they bother my sensitive teeth.   I was approached by Smile Brilliant to try out their CariPRO ™   Ultrasonic Toothbrush.  It is different from other toothbrushes.  It isn't abrasive.  It has a soft gentle vibration that doesn't hurt my mouth.  It even has a sensitive setting which is perfect for me. I can honestly say that I never thought I would be using an electric toothbrush on a regular basis until I got this one.  I love it.  It even has it's own charging base and an extra brush head that I can share or use myself. I love the slim design of the CariPRO ™  and also the color.  I also like all of the settings, especially the Whiten one.  I use Smile Brilliant whitening products and this is a great way to incorporate white

Oral Hygiene Products for Sensitive Mouths from CloSYS

Do you have sensitive teeth and gums ?  Did you know that there were oral hygiene products on the market that are specifically designed for people who suffer from sensitive teeth and gums?  These products are so gentle they are even used for some cancer patients who develop sores in their mouths from treatment.   I have sensitive gums due to some dental work that I had done and don't really like that burning sensation that comes with some mouth rinses.   CloSYS is designed differently from other oral hygiene products.  It contains Clorastal which is a special patented ingredient whose main purpose is to treat oral health conditions gently.  The way it works is that when your saliva contacts with it, it begins to activate in acidic areas where plaque has formed.  It kills dental plaque-causing bacteria and volatile sulfur compounds that damage soft tissue. CloSYS also is effective on bad breath.  It reacts with molecules that cause bad breath and destroys them.  It doesn&


I have been seeing some insane deals on the Precious Moments website!  Click on the Winter BlowOut Banner to access great savings up to 90% off!  Also see below for more savings codes to apply to your order! Various Disney Letter figurines only $1.10!!   affiliate link Disney Birthmonth Fairies only $5.25!! Goofy Figurine (Perfect for Valentine's Day) $8.99 Santa Wine Stoppers $1.60 Various Diaries $3.58 See site for even more sales and savings.  Sign up for a new account and get extra savings. Also, use code EXTRA15 for and extra 15% off your order.  Try code Welcome2018 for free shipping.  Also when you sign up you get free points which can be applied to your order. Happy Shopping! Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  Offer good while supplies last.

Enter to win a $25 Amazon GC to Help You Attain Your Resolution

Time for a new year and a new you!  Enter to win a $25 Amazon GC to help you purchase something that can help you achieve your goal! Ended Disclosure :  All entries will be verified. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. Entrants who have created social accounts purely for the purpose of entering Competitions or Sweepstakes will not be eligible to win. All social accounts used must be public. The winner will be chosen randomly through Giveaway Tools and contacted via email. Void where prohibited by law. Open to US and Canada.

Today's Coupons Plus $5 OFF any Atkins Product and FREE Quick Start Kit.

Sign up and receive printable coupons for $5 OFF any Atkins Product and FREE Quick Start Kit. COUPONS.COM Save $3.00 off ANY EIGHT (8) Gerber® Pouches Save $1.25 off ANY FOUR (4) Gerber® Snack Items Save $1.00 on any THREE Kellogg's® Cereals and/or Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries Save $0.75 on ONE (1) RAGÚ Simply Pasta Sauce, 24 oz. SAVINGSTAR Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) 23/24 oz jar of Musselman's® Apple Sauce (any flavor)..Expires 2/15/2019.Save $0.50. Save $1.00 when you purchase ANY ONE (1) Optimum Nutrition Protein Almonds. Valid on 4.55 oz bags. .Expires 2/20/2019.Save $1.00.(Only at Kroger, Target, Walmart) Save $2.00 when you purchase ANY ONE (1) Optimum Nutrition Protein Crisp or Protein Cake Bites. Valid on 4 ct. Protein Crisps and 4 ct. Protein Cake Bites boxes. .Expires 2/20/2019.Save $2.00.(Only at Kroger, Target, Walmart) Save $0.75 when you purchase ANY ONE (1) 59 Fl. Oz. Florida’s Natural® Lemonade. Any variety.Expires 1/31/2019.Save $0.75. Save $2.00

Easy Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Are you looking for easy ways to save money in the new year?  Here are two useful apps that are designed to do just that! The first app is Truebill.  Truebill is your automated financial assistant, designed to put you back in control of your money. Truebill lets you easily track bills, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and proactively requests refunds on your behalf, putting real money back in your pocket! With Truebill, you can save money, find the best credit card, lower your bills, and stay in control of your finances. It’s like your own personal finance watchdog. Make Truebill your automated financial assistant! Another app that is designed to help save you money is Trim. Trim is a virtual personal assistant that constantly works to save you money. Cancel your old subscriptions, set spending alerts, check how much you spent on Uber last month, and automatically fight name a few cool ways Trim adds value. Trim is now the largest and fastest-growing chatbot

Take the I-Top Challenge to Win a Legendary Prize

I remember spending hours in the back yard with my brothers playing with spin tops when I was growing up.  It was so much fun seeing who could get their top to spin the longest or fastest.  My brother Donny was a master top spinner and always came out on top. Recently I was invited to take the I-Top Challenge and received this awesome top in the mail so that I could try it out and introduce it to you!  The top is made from a durable hard plastic material that can take a good pounding.  I actually dropped it from my hands and it didn't even scratch. The way the top works is simple.  You spin it and see how many rotations you can get.   The best part is that it has electronics letters and numbers that show your high score and current rotations while the top is spinning.  This is so much fun and a great way to challenge friends!  Check out my spinning top demo video: Now for the really exciting part!  The I-Top Challenge is giving one winner the chance to win a Legen

New Year New Resolutions

New Year's resolutions are great, if you stick to them.  This year, I am going to set small goals for myself rather than place expectations that are ridiculous on myself.  There are some things that I would like to improve or succeed at this year. DIET IMPROVEMENT First I would like to lose some weight.  I have Hashimoto's disease and pretty much have no metabolism, so it is difficult for me to take weight off but super easy to put it on.  I want to start using my BMI Scale to my advantage.  It gives me reliable readouts and has large numbers on it which is a plus.  It also allows tracking for up to 4 users which is perfect for my family. Plus it looks great in any room with it's sleek design. SELF CARE IMPROVEMENT Another thing I would like to do is start taking better care of my skin better.  I use products here and there and off and on, but recently I started using a routine that was sent to me from Reviva Labs .  It has every step I need for my skin.   

Today's Coupons

Hello Everyone I hope you enjoyed your holidays.   I wanted to send over today's coupons, deals, freebies and sweeps. COUPONS.COM Save $1.25 off ANY FOUR (4) Gerber® Snack Items Save $3.00 off ANY EIGHT (8) Gerber® Pouches Save $0.75 on ONE (1) RAGÚ Simply Pasta Sauce, 24 oz. SAVINGSTAR Save $1.00 when you buy ANY ONE (1) Grown in Idaho® Frozen Potatoes. Any variety. .Expires 2/27/2019.Save $1.00. Save $0.50 when you purchase ANY ONE (1) SeaPak On-The-Go Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce. Any variety..Expires 2/7/2019.Save $0.50. Save $4.00 when you spend $16.00 on any Lance® Sandwich Crackers. Choose from Toast Chee® real Peanut Butter, Toasty™ real Peanut Butter, Captain's Wafers® Cream Cheese & Chives, Whole Grain Cheddar Cheese, and many additional varieties..Expires 2/22/2019 SAVE $10.00 on ANY 120 ct. alli® product..Expires 1/20/2019.Save $10.00. SAVE $5.00 on ANY 60 ct. alli® product..Expires 1/20/2019.Save $5.00. Store Deals and Coupons Targ