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What you Need to Create the Perfect DIY Space

If you are someone that does a lot of DIY – then you will know that it can be difficult to complete your projects without creating a bit of a mess and in some cases hazards!  As such, it’s always recommended to create a specific area for that kind of thing.  We’ve listed some things that you may need to create the perfect DIY space.   Find a Safe Space In order to make sur e  you are working in a safe environment and aren’t making a mess of your home – it’s important you find a safe space preferable out of the way of the home to work from.  This could be a garden shed, or more popular of late steel buildings They are perfect for DIY workshops and have great longevity and durability based on their materials.  It’s also an environmentally friendly option.   This guide will help you  get an idea of what you would expect to pay for this. Buy the Appropriate Storage Solutions Realistically, you will have lots of things you need to get working on all your DIY projects.

3 Essential Travel Tips For People With Limited Mobility

Travel is an enriching experience. It breaks you out of your routine and forces you out of your comfort zone. Everyone should have this opportunity. While money holds some back, fear that they can’t travel due to health concerns or age holds others back. H owever, it is possible to travel despite having limited mobility and there are steps you can take to make it as easy as possible. Here are three  essential travel tips for people with limited mobility. Plan Your Destination Accordingly There are several chariti es that provide lists of accessible destinations for people with disabilities. Then you can choose from hotels and historic sites that you can wander about freely.  Nationa l Parks are  one of the best options, and the guides let you know where you can go if you have limited mobility.  Other charities can connect groups with limited vision, and they help arrange trips. They often plan trips for those with assistance dogs or ca n connect you with a sighted com

How to Accept Stripe Credit Card Payments with WPForms

Do you ever wonder how businesses accept credit card payments, or how difficult it may be to set it up on your own site? Being able to set up your site with the ability to accept payments can help your business to be more lucrative, especially if you are a start up business or plan on growing in the future. If you have an online business or are starting one, WPForms makes it easy for you to collect payments from your new and repeat customers. Collecting payments on your Word Press forms isn't as difficult as you may think.   Creating your Online Payment Form   Here are the simple steps needed to create your online payment form so that you can accept new and recurring payment. 1. Install and Activate WPForms plugin .    2. Install the plugin by using this simple to follow guide . 3. Install and Activate the Stripe addon .  4. Create a new form by going to WPForms >> Add New You can check out this tutorial on creating a nonprofit donation f

5 Ways To Increase Your Home Value

You have finally been able to purchase your very first home. If this is a home that you see yourself enjoying for the next few years to come, there are also ways to help increase the value of your home within the first year of purchasing it. Sinking even a few thousand dollars into having hardwood floors on the first floor or putting in energy-efficient windows, this will make a huge difference when it comes to your resale value.  Unsure where to start? I have a few easy tips to help you and also ease into the home buying.  New Driveaway - You may not think your driveway is of huge importance when you purchase your home but it actually it. It plays a bit part of the first impression people get when they come to your home. The more exciting you can make your driveway, the more you can also draw the eye to various places in your home. Some ways to spruce your driveway up is by adding a curved shape to make it stand out or adding cobblestone. Again, this helps add value to your

Recognizing Signs of an Eating Disorder

There are some people that do not realize they have an eating disorder, and this only  stands to negatively impact your wellbeing .  After all, w hen you realize that you have a problem, you can  get the appropriate treatment.  If you think that what you are doing is completely normal, however, the chances are that you won’t change your daily habits. Thus, here are some initial signs that will help you realize an eating disorder is present. This is useful to know both for  yourself, and for determining whether or not someone else in your life is going through this. Different types of eating disorders  First, it’s important to realize that there are a number of  different types of eating disorders , and each one has slightly different symptoms attached to it.  Some of the ones that you should keep an eye out for are: •  Anorexia  •  Bulimia •  Binge eating  Notice the signs  Once you know some of the most common eating disorders, you can then start to al

DreamWorks Animation Debuts Trailer for Archibald’s Next Big Thing

DreamWorks Animation Debuts Trailer for Archibald’s Next Big Thing  From Emmy-winner Tony Hale "Yes, And" Your Way Through This Netflix Original Series Premiering September 6th DreamWorks Animation's  Archibald’s Next Big Thing  premieres  Friday, September 6 th !  From the creative mind of two-time Emmy® Award winner Tony Hale,  Archibald's Next Big Thing   follows the adventures of Archibald Strutter, a chicken who 'yes-ands' his way through life. Though living in the moment often leads him astray, Archibald always finds his way back home to an egg-shaped house he shares with his three siblings, Sage, Finley, and Loy, and his trusty sidekick, Bea.  Archibald's Next Big Thing  is a fresh comedy about the importance of being present and celebrating the journey, not just the destination. With each twist and turn, this gangly, happy chicken shows everyone around him how important it is to get out of your comfort zone and see the best in everyone and

Learning To Love Being Active: A Guide

Photo by  Nina Uhlíková  from  Pexels Being active and keeping fit is essential to good health, and the more you enjoy being up and about and shaking your stuff, then the more likely you are to  engage in healthy physical activity regularl y. This is key, as you’ve got to love what you do so that you want to return time and time again.  Being active is fantastic for both your physical and mental health, and studies have shown that taking part in at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise each day  can reduce your risk of developing diseases like Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Being fit and healthy can vastly improve your quality of life, keep you supple, focused, and happy.  Keeping active is easy once you lock into a sport or activity you love, so read on to find out how you can learn to love what you do and do it more for the sake of your health. Get Inspired  If you’ve long been telling yourself you want to improve your fitness levels, ma


THE IRRESISTABLY HEARTWARMING ANIMATED FILM OF THE SUMMER COMES HOME WITH TWO ALL-NEW MEMORABLE MINI MOVIES STARRING THE ADORABLY LOVEABLE GIDGET and MAX AND THE AMUSINGLY MISCHIEVOUS MINIONS THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 WITH OVER 90 MINUTES* OF MUST-HAVE, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN VALUE ADDED CONTENT ALSO INCLUDING DELETED SCENES, AN INTERACTIVE MOTION COMIC AND MUCH MORE ​ BE THE FIRST TO OWN IT ON DIGITAL AUGUST 13, 2019 4K ULTRA HD, BLU-RAY ™  AND DVD AUGUST 27, 2019 FROM UNIVERSAL PICTURES HOME ENTERTAINMENT ONE OF THE BEST-LOVED FILMS OF THE YEAR WITH A 90% AUDIENCE SCORE ON ROTTEN TOMATOES If you liked the first Secret Life of Pets, you are going to LOVE this one!  There are more characters, more excitement, tons of laughs and plenty of pet antics that will keep you entertained throughout this movie.  I especially love the character Snowball that is played by Kevin Hart.  This DVD is packed with deleted scenes, bonus features, including Minions!  The p