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5 Ways To Increase Your Home Value

You have finally been able to purchase your very first home. If this is a home that you see yourself enjoying for the next few years to come, there are also ways to help increase the value of your home within the first year of purchasing it. Sinking even a few thousand dollars into having hardwood floors on the first floor or putting in energy-efficient windows, this will make a huge difference when it comes to your resale value. 

Unsure where to start? I have a few easy tips to help you and also ease into the home buying. 

  1. New Driveaway- You may not think your driveway is of huge importance when you purchase your home but it actually it. It plays a bit part of the first impression people get when they come to your home. The more exciting you can make your driveway, the more you can also draw the eye to various places in your home. Some ways to spruce your driveway up is by adding a curved shape to make it stand out or adding cobblestone. Again, this helps add value to your home over the years which is key and wanting to seel your home down the road. 
  2. Have An Open Floor plan - If you think the home your purchase may be a bit too small and an addition is just not in the budget, see if you can knock down a few walls to open up your existing space. If you’re too nervous to try and do it yourself, hire a company that knows what a low bearing beam wall is so you don’t knock down the wrong one. This is a great investment!
Image: C Mac Contracting 
  1. Kitchen Remodel - Similar to knocking down walls, hiring a contract to help you with a kitchen remodel is a great idea as well. If you are looking for one and live in the New Jersey area, C. Mac Contracting is there to help answer all your questions and concerns. The fact that kitchens are invariably busy areas can present a challenge when it comes to working on making it over. Their kitchen installations can help you overcome this issue. To ensure that your kitchen is functional, their services will focus on ergonomics which is the relationship between you and your working environment.  You may think of height adjustable countertops, basic cabinets with drawers or pull out drawers as well as advise on how to balance your budget and help you have a clearly defined plan. 
Image: C Mac Contracting
They also want to make sure your appliances are functioning properly and having a lot of clutter can also pose a health and safety issue. They will assess the space you have and advise  on how to make the most of it for you and your family. Managed by Chris Mackin whose the owner and founder of the company, you and your loved ones will be in the best hands. 
  1. Replace A Dated Garage Door - Another simple curb appeal disaster could be the dingy garage door that has been backed into a million times. Replacing it doesn’t cost that much and doing so can make your home more attractive to others in the long run. If you install a new garage door,  you can also see up to 92% return on your investment. Garage doors really boost the curb appeal, provide safety and security and can even help on your energy bills if it’s insulated. 
  2. Update Paint Colors - No one says you have to love all of the colors of the walls that your home has when you purchase it. Updating paint colors to the rooms, especially with those that have dark colors that make the room seem smaller, will be a huge game changer. Think of neutral colors like whites, beiges and greys to help bring more light and warmth to your home. 

I’m sure there are many more ways to help incase your home that I didn’t discuss such as landscaping, lighting, adding new fixtures and more. No matter what you do, it’s helping to increase your home whenever you are wanting to move or resell your home in the future. Enjoy the time you have now, each space that you can create for your vision and the joy that you have your own home to cherish for years to come. Share in the comments below some things you have done or are thinking of doing to your home to help increase the value!