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When To Replace Laminate Flooring

When To Replace Laminate Flooring We all want our laminate flooring to last forever. Although laminate floors last on average from 15-25 years, you will have to replace it someday for sure. Now, when it’s about replacing laminate flooring, you can replace it whenever you like but when you start spotting the following symptoms, then it is definitely important to replace your laminate flooring as soon as possible. Source: 1. Cracking It sounds bad as well as there is a feeling of sudden disappearance of floor, underneath your feet. Cracking mostly means that your house was subjected to poor laminate installation. If the condition is not severe, you may end up keeping the old floor till several months. 2. Peeling Too much water or overheat can make laminated floors peel off their coverings. There is no easy fix for peeling and now it is really time to install a new laminated floor. 3. Gapping At times of cold, floorboards experi

Gems You'll Only Find Down The Pacific Coast Highway

The coasts of the US are undoubtedly some of the best options when it comes to putting together the perfect road trip . This time, we’re looking at the West Coast and the Pacific Coast Highway. If you have the time for it, this itinerary skips over a lot the sun, sea, and sand you expect of California because you won’t have any trouble finding that. Instead, we’re looking at the other gems well worth taking a stop for. Whether you’re after thrills, spills, stunning natural beauty, or the odd curiosity here and there, keep reading. Image by USA-Reiseblogger Alcatraz Before heading down to sunnier parts, let’s start at the north with one of the most impressive and recognizable sights of San Francisco Bay . There are few if any prisons quite as famous as Alcatraz. The abandoned prison is still open for tours that explore the island itself, the prison, and even the coast around it. If you want a trek full of discovery and more than a little spookiness, the night tours might ju

Ways to Enjoy Labor Day Weekend (With Sattire)

Summer is almost over and the kids will be going back to school next week, here in the North East.  This long weekend celebrates Labor Day and brings most summer vacations to and end.  Here are some fun ideas for Labor Day weekend with a little sattire.  Enjoy your holiday! Enjoy the Warm Weather Have a Picnic Visit the Beach Sit in Traffic For Hours   Take Advantage of Sales Hunt for a Parking Spot at the Mall Stay Home and Relax What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever you choose to do, enjoy!

Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

With Fall slowly upon us, my family loves going outside to enjoy the crisp air, the falling leaves and standing around together near the fire roasting s’mores. Having an outdoor area for our friends and family to gather is actually a lot easier than you think! Nothing really marks the start of good ‘ol fashion backyard season quite like creating your ideal space. You can incorporate as many items as you budget allows and than expand your chef’s corner and outdoor dining spaces over time. Perhaps you haven’t started to even think about why you need an outdoor kitchen. My answer? Why run back and forth into the house when you can make all of your preparations right outside in the fresh air? You’ll need a food-prep surface ( which can range from a custom-built bluestone countertop or a small, all-weather table), good lighting to keep your party going after the sunsets, shelter for your chef or whomever is grilling  as well as a sink and some appliances. To get started wit

Best Ivy League Schools For Engineering

Best Ivy League Schools For Engineering Ivy League is the term that refers to the eight schools in the Ivy League athletic conference, including: Yale University Brown University Dartmouth College Harvard University University of Pennsylvania Columbia University Princeton University These Ivy League schools are extremely selective, and the Ivy League is the only NCAA Division that doesn’t award athletic scholarships, which is why they’ve become synonymous with extremely prestigious colleges. If you’re interested in pursuing an engineering degree at an Ivy League school, you’ll be going up against a lot of competition. For example, these eight schools had a total of 281,060 applicants for the class of 2021 according to USA Today , and o f those applicants, less than 10% received an admission letter . Still, if you’ve got the smarts to get in and graduate, in the long-term, it may be well-worth the reward. These schools are the best of the best when it com

Quality Affordable Gifts for Children Aged 2 to 12

Quality, affordable gifts for girls ages 2 to 12. SmitCo has several different diaries with lock  and keys and diary sets for girls in Emoji and Diva themes, as well as light up diaries to provide  hours of fun. A huge hit is the new Pony and Mermaid themed scrapbook kits.  The scrapbook kits are loaded with so many fun items to create with and even have scented stickers that smell so good!  They are recommended for children 5 and up. SmitCo products also include  very popular stretch jewelry sets for little girls - all packed in cute gift boxes.  Find all the great products here: I know you will find some or all gifts here for the princesses on your list! My readers get to save! Get 20% Off Entire Cart Of Gifts! Go to:  and use coupon code  N3CQD6AE   on checkout SmitCo sells all kinds of practical products as well which includes the following: 5 star Exfoliating gloves 5 star Bamboo baby towel set Various glue and ep

Clearly Filtered Shower Head AND 3-Stage Under-the-Sink Filter System

Clearly Filtered Provides Clean Water to  56 Countries on 6 Different Continents! Do you worry about what is in your water?  Do you have hard water in your home?  Do you find the taste of your water to be a bit off? I live in a town that has well water, but I don't dare drink my sink water because it tastes chemically treated.  Water filters, like Clearly Filtered help to filter out contaminants.  Learn more in this video: Have you heard of Clearly Filtered yet? They are an amazing water filtration company that have developed of one of the most advanced filtration technologies in the world! Clearly Filtered uses advanced filtration technology called Affinity® media. It is a unique blend of a dozen different materials that is designed to ionically target a broad range of over 220 contaminants. Think of the Affinity® blend as a combination of tiny, super-powerful magnets. As water passes over them they recognize the ionic signature of contaminants that are in the w

Create 3D Art With 3Doodler Create Plus

Have you ever wished that you can bring your drawings to life? You can create 3D art with the 3Doodler Create Plus! The 3Doodler Create Plus is a fun 3D printing pen for ages 13 and older, that uses plastic to draw.  There are so many fun projects that you can make with the 3Doodler Create Plus.  The possibilities are endless.   The 3Doodler is perfect for anyone who loves to create, draw, and appreciates fun, tech gadgets.  There is even a Kids version that is perfect for STEM gifts.  I had a lot of fun experimenting with the 3Doodler Create Plus.  I practiced my name, made a cute pair of Christmas tree earrings and practiced tracing.  As time goes on and I practice with my 3Doodler Create Plus, I plan on making a lot more fun projects. Check out my video review and watch me make cute Christmas Tree earrings: The 3Doodler Create Plus comes with instructions, enough plastic to make lots of fun projects, projects that you can trace and more. You can even take les