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When To Replace Laminate Flooring

When To Replace Laminate Flooring
We all want our laminate flooring to last forever. Although laminate floors last on average from 15-25 years, you will have to replace it someday for sure. Now, when it’s about replacing laminate flooring, you can replace it whenever you like but when you start spotting the following symptoms, then it is definitely important to replace your laminate flooring as soon as possible.
1. Cracking
It sounds bad as well as there is a feeling of sudden disappearance of floor, underneath your feet. Cracking mostly means that your house was subjected to poor laminate installation. If the condition is not severe, you may end up keeping the old floor till several months.
2. Peeling
Too much water or overheat can make laminated floors peel off their coverings. There is no easy fix for peeling and now it is really time to install a new laminated floor.
3. Gapping
At times of cold, floorboards experience contraction. This creates unwanted space. To prevent gapping, you need to be sure that your installed floorboard is in a condition in which your room has been before installation.
While small gap problems can be treated with the help of minor fixes i.e. placing a rug over deformed pieces but if gapping problem is increasing inside the room, it is time to install a new laminated floor. If you don’t fix the gapping problem soon enough, the pressure of contraction will exert force on other planks, thereby spreading across whole floor.
4. Peaking
In peaking condition, the laminated floorboard is creating elevations near the joining areas of floorboards. This happens due to lack of expansion space. Elevations may crack near the joining floorboards, thereby destroying the property aesthetics. Call laminate flooring experts to take care of peaking problems.

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