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Ozeri OW05A Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer and Foil Cutter

The Ozeri Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener helps me open wine bottles with no effort.  It is rechargeable and each charge is good for up to 80 wine bottles.  This product is perfect for home or even for restaurants.  You can literally open a bottle of wine in seconds with the push of a button. It has a nice comfortable feel when holding.  It has a rubberized grip. The opener is so lightweight and has a really sleek design.  It is cordless so there are no wires in the way!  It sits in a very nice recharging base when not in use, which has an LED charging indicator. It comes with an aerator which is perfect for helping the wine to breathe and a foil cutter to effortlessly get the foil seal off your wine bottle.  I no longer have a need for a decanter. This would make a beautiful gift for any wine lover or even a perfect hostess gift.  It is very reasonably priced. It is easy to transport so you can take it with you on an outing. The Ozeri Prestige Elect

Making Time For Family

It seems as my son has gotten older it has become harder for us to make family time. I think back to the days when we would take weekend getaways, family trips and even day trips to local attractions.  I have so many good memories of those days and miss them as well.   Even when my son was in high school and playing sports, my husband and I looked forward to attending all of his games and supporting him.  We enjoyed traveling to new places to watch him play.  Being a Junior in college, my son's days are consumed with classes and homework.  Just today he will be going on his first interview for his first summer internship. Last night he woke me up at 2 am to help him rehearse some questions that may be asked of him during his interview.  I was exhausted but not too exhausted to be there to listen.   This is such an important time in his life and my husband and I want to be there to support him every step of the way. I have learned as I have gotten older that Family Time

Spring Ahead Sunday!

Here is your reminder to Spring Ahead on Sunday ! Let's hope we are done with snow for the year. Savvy Sweeper Blog

Homemade Egg Dye and Natural Egg Dye Recipes via

Ever wonder if you can make your own egg dye?  Well, you can and its super easy to do. Directions For each dye bath combine 1/2 cup boiling water with 1 tsp vinegar and 10 drops of food coloring in a bowl. ... Dip hard-cooked eggs in dye bath for 3-5 minutes, extend time for richer color. ... Use tongs or a slotted spoon to remove eggs and place on wax paper to dry, blot any excess with a paper towel. Check out this and more Egg Dye recipes by  visiting Onion and Herb dyed eggs  Natural Food Dyes for eggs Egg Dye Color Recipes using Natural Ingredients All Natural  Dyes White Vinegar Pink Dye beet cranberries or juice raspberries red grape juice pickled beet juice Red Dye red onion, skins (boiled) Orange Dye yellow onion skins (boiled) Brown Dye strong coffee instant coffee black walnut shells (boiled) Yellow Dye orange peel (boiled) lemon