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Making Time For Family

It seems as my son has gotten older it has become harder for us to make family time. I think back to the days when we would take weekend getaways, family trips and even day trips to local attractions.  I have so many good memories of those days and miss them as well.

Even when my son was in high school and playing sports, my husband and I looked forward to attending all of his games and supporting him.  We enjoyed traveling to new places to watch him play.

 Being a Junior in college, my son's days are consumed with classes and homework.  Just today he will be going on his first interview for his first summer internship. Last night he woke me up at 2 am to help him rehearse some questions that may be asked of him during his interview.  I was exhausted but not too exhausted to be there to listen.   This is such an important time in his life and my husband and I want to be there to support him every step of the way.

I have learned as I have gotten older that Family Time doesn't always have to include going out somewhere together.  It's more than dinner and a movie.  It can be taking a few moments to stop and listen and show support.   Not only does that help build up a relationship, but it also instills positive values.

When we do get more time to  enjoy with our son,  my husband and I make sure that we make the most of it .  Because we know one day soon he will be leaving to start his own personal life.


  1. 2am???? Wow, you're a great Mom!! ha/ha I would have put the covers over my head! Praying that everything goes well for him...and you!

  2. Way to go Mom! Time just flies so fast, you are so right! We need to enjoy those little moments and they don't have to be a big deal!

  3. I try to remind myself often that everyone says it goes fast. It helps a great deal with my patience level ;) I'm glad you're getting these times with him, even in college.


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