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Amazing Avocado Frittata Recipe and Giveaway has so many wonderful cooking tools to help make cooking in the kitchen fun.  These tools include their Avocado slicer that allows you to slice an avocado effortlessly in seconds. I have created a simple frittata recipe using only 5 ingredients and it is delicious! First slice 1/2 tomato and 1 avocado (Be sure to squeeze a little lemon juice on your avocado so it doesn't brown. has a wonderful citrus zester and reamer that makes it easy. ______________________ In a bowl combine 3 eggs and 1/8 cup of milk and wisk together.   Add black pepper to your liking. Place wisked eggs in an oven safe, non stick frying pan that has been coated with cooking spray. Arrange avocado and tomato in pan. Place on your cooktop and cook for 3 minutes and then place in a preheated 350 degree oven. Cook in oven until eggs are thoroughly cooked. (Times may vary depending on your oven) Remove from oven and slide onto a plate. Garnish