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Rollors Yard Game Giveaway | Ends 6.15.20

Rollors is a new game which feels familiar, as it combines some traditional games into one package. With Rollors it will feel like playing horseshoes, bocce ball and bowling at the same time, but with a twist! Combining both skill and luck, Rollors will keep everyone engaged and it is the family game you’ve been looking for! How to Play: Place the Rollors goals 25 feet from each other on a level playing environment. The players/teams then “roll” disks at the goal and points are awarded to the player/team that positions their disks closest to the goal. But here’s where luck comes in! The discs themselves have numbers on them to determine how many points they are worth. Each side of the disc has a different number, so it all comes down to which side the disc lands on! And if you’re ready to be the winner, hit the cone to double your points. Read the review over at The Review Wire: Rollors Game Giveawa

How To Use Paratransit

Paratransit is the easiest way for a patient to be transported to hospital  from their homes. It is a “curb-to- curb ”  system that means there is no need to use public transport or to organize a ride from any friend s , family  members , or neighbors. When you are in a non-emergency situation but still need to attend hospital for an appointment or check-up, using paratransit is the best way to do it; you will be safe and secure and you will get to your appointment on time without the need to feel stressed ,  which can add to any medical complain t that  you may have. If you think that paratransit might be useful for you, here are some tips on how to use it.  Schedule A Trip  Your first job  when using  paratransit  is to schedule a trip. This is why the system needs to be used for non-emergency use only; you do need to book ahead of time and cannot simply call up at the time you need to be collected ,  as you will need to be entered into the system.  You can  g o  onli

Fun Trolls Movie Inspired Products Your Kids Will Enjoy

With the upcoming release of the popular Troll World Tour on digital and DVD, I wanted to tell you about a few products that I received that I think your children will enjoy! Pillow Pets SING OUT LOUD! POPPY AND BRANCH PILLOW PETS ARE HERE Age: 0+ SRP: $26.99 Available: Q1 2020 Poppy and Branch are back in DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls World Tour, and just in time for the film debut, Pillow Pets is launching a Poppy and Branch Pillow Pet inspired by the beloved characters. The Poppy Pillow Pet has her signature ponytail ready for styling and brushing interactive play alongside Branch. Both of these cozy plush characters convert from a stuffed friend by day to a pillow for night. Poppy and Branch Pillow Pets start out as a fun pal to play with and then turn into a pillow for reading, television, studying or sleeping. There are so many ways to imagine and play with a Pillow Pet. When day is done, your daytime friend becomes your night time pillow. Pillow Pets coordi

TROLLS WORLD TOUR Arrives on Digital June 23

OWN TWO VERSIONS OF THE FILM! THE MOVIE PLUS AN ALL-NEW DANCE PARTY EDITION WITH SING-ALONGS, DANCE MOVES, INTERACTIVE POP UPS AND MORE OWN IT ON DIGITAL JUNE 23, 2020 4K ULTRA HD, BLU-RAYTM AND DVD JULY 7, 2020 FROM UNIVERSAL PICTURES HOME ENTERTAINMENT DreamWorks Animation presents  TROLLS WORLD TOUR , a music- filled, exciting adventure that’s sure to make the whole family sing, dance, and have fun again and again. Join Poppy, Branch, and the rest of the Trolls in the all-new Dance Party Edition exclusively on Digital June 23, 2020 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray™, and DVD July 7, 2020 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. The Dance Party Edition includes an interactive dance party mode where viewers are introduced to dance moves to learn while they watch the film, lyrics to sing along, and surprises featuring their favorite characters! This special Dance Party Edition includes bonus content, such as an exclusive original short film starring the unfor

Temporary Isolation can be YOUR OPPORTUNITY to Permanently Transform

Temporary Isolation can be  YOUR OPPORTUNITY  to Permanently Transform Your Weight and Health Candice Rosen Author, RN, MSW, and Former Chicago Chair of Healthcare Initiatives Shares 5 Key Healthy Food Choices and Food Combinations During This Quarantine Season Not sure how to eat and stay healthy this quarantine season without resorting to your familiar diet of spaghetti, bread, pizza, and sugar?  Candice Rosen ,  R.N. ,  MSW , and author of the upcoming book  Forget Dieting: It’s All About Data-Driven Fueling!  (Rowman and Littlefield; July 2020; ISBN: 978-1-5381-3149-7; $30.00, Hardcover), encourages "trophology," or "food combining," which is one of the foundations of Rosen's Data-Driven Fueling Plan. As you combine foods, Rosen adds that "monitoring blood glucose is the key to weight gain vs. weight loss; good health vs. poor health." In  Forget Dieting! , Rosen reveals a few data-driven fueling food choices and combinatio