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LiveInfinitely Forever Massage Stick for Health and Fitness

The Live Infinitely Massage stick is a great accessory to keep in a gym bag or around the home.  It helps me to get out those knots in my back and helps me relieve stress in my neck.  The nice thing about this massage stick is that it is long enough that I can use it on my own back and neck. The stick has comfortable handles that are ribbed for a secure grip. The rollers are an inch wide each and glide smoothly.  The massage stick is well made and sturdy. Product Description ✦Professional Grade✦ These 18" muscle roller sticks features a stiff stainless steel inner core and 7 independent squeak free ABS plastic rollers which are strong enough to handle any amount of pressure you want. Guaranteed to NEVER break! ✦Ergonomic✦ Live Infinitely massage rollers incorporate soft rubber handgrips, which are contoured to fit perfectly into your hands for maximum comfort! Eccentric floating rollers adjust to fit your body to provide the best possible massage. ✦Versatile✦

Outdoor cooking is easy and fun with Petforu #CampingStove

I do a lot of camping and  tailgating in the summer time at auto race tracks and it can get really expensive eating at the track. This portable cooking pot is convenient, easy to store and carry and has its own ignition source.  The only thing I have to supply is the fuel. It is well made from aluminum alloy and stainless  steel and can withstand high temperatures. I love that the pots have foldable handles that are coated in silicone to make them easy to hold and use and protect my fingers from burning. The ignition system is small and convenient and easy to store in a pocket and carry with its carrying case. This kit is perfect for camping, tailgating, hiking and so many more outdoor uses. The stackable pots are perfect for heating foods and taking from the heat source to eating.  Cook and eat from the pot easily.  Great for heating up beverages too! LEAVE NO TRACE: Adheres to "Leave No Trace" principles set forth by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Lan

The Money Maze Makes a Great Unique Gift #agreatlife

I love giving unique gifts and I love puzzles and mazes.  The Money Maze is a great way to give a unique gift.  It is like giving 2 gifts in one. The Money Maze is a cube that holds a gift.  In order to receive the gift, you must maneuver a ball throughout the maze in the cube until you solve the puzzle.  Once the puzzle is solved, the cube will open and your recipient will be able to receive their special gift. I found the Money Maze to be fun, challenging and entertaining. Manufacturer's Notes: Have you heard of a challenging gift box?   Here's aGreatLife aMAZEd Money Maze puzzle as an ideal unique birthday gift for the adults and kids in your lives who love brain teasers, or use it as a funny gag gift to make your teenagers use a little ingenuity and logic to get to their cash! Great for Christmas and Birthdays - Sometimes cash or gift cards can seem like last minute gifts. But when you include a small puzzle box game, suddenly an inexpensiv

Take Snacks Anywhere You Go with #SnackCubby

I love Snack Cubby.  It is a fun portable way to take snacks and drinks with you when you are on the go. The silicone tubes hold a nice amount of snack for a day at the park or lunchtime.   The tubes can even be used to make home made ice pops or to even freeze ice for a pitcher. The Snack Cubby comes with 2 tops.  One seals shut for safe storage and the other can be used with a straw and taken on the go for drinks. They clean up easily and are easy to store.  Perfect for taking camping too! Double click to watch this demo video: Here are some dimensions for the Snack Cubby: This product is available on Amazon Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest personal opinion.

Introducing Renuzit Scensitive Scents Collection!

I love having scent in my home, but my husband is a little sensitive to it and it can irritate him at times.  Also, my sister is sensitive to scents as well and the Renuzit Sensitive Scents are nice to have when she visits me. We have a cat and we keep her litter box in the main area of the home, so having scent is important to me for keeping the odor to a minimum.  I also just enjoy having pretty fragrances that make my house feel like a home.  The Super Odor Neutralizer is great to use in that and all other areas in my home. Renuzit Sensitive Scents are light and fresh and fragrant and don't irritate my family members or guests.  They are available in a variety of pretty scents and in different forms that include spray, plugin and cone. These products can be used in any room of your home and are safe for even the most sensitive noses. The Super Odor Neutralizer spray allows me to spray light scents into the air and I have used it on fabrics and surfa

Losing a Loved One to Leukemia

I really don't know much about Leukemia.  Honestly, I don't know anything about it at all. But I do know it is an ugly disease that took our family by surprise. My father in law goes for routine blood work every 3 months.  He has been doing it for over 25 years.  On his most recent test he received a phone call from his doctor's office telling him to go the ER immediately. He is 87 and was frightened by the phone call so he called us to take him.  It seems on his most recent test, his white blood cell count was 70000.  I don't know what a normal count is, but from what I read, this is extremely high.  Also, his platelets were very low. He spent a week in the hospital getting all kinds of tests, but the doctors knew right away what the prognosis would be.  He also had strange scratch looking marks on him that were indicative of his condition. The sad thing about this is that there are things that can be done to help fight this ugly disease, but at his age it wou

Sears HotelSpa Designer Collection #showerheadreviews

I received this HotelSpa Designer Collection  shower to review from Sears and I am in love with it.   First of all, this shower is so simple to install.  It took no time at all to put it up because it is designed for easy installation with special brass hose nuts that are easy to tighten. There are so many different flow settings that can be acquired with this shower.  I can use the hand held and standard shower alone or together.  There are 30 full and combined water flow patterns.  There is even an economy setting to conserve water. The shower matches both chrome and nickel decor. I feel like I have a spa in my bathroom. Check out my video above for a demo of this wonderful shower. You can purchase this shower by visiting: NO LONGER AVAILABLE HotelSpa® Designer Collection Ultra-Luxury 2-tone Chrome/Brushed Nickel 30--setting Combo  - Use two Showers Heads separately or use Showerhead and Handheld Shower both together for a choice of 30

Loved & Blessed - A Year of Encouragement

It is a great feeling to get a little encouragement when you are feeling down and out, lost or even just as a reminder. Loved and Blessed is a monthly encouragement subscription that sends you different gifts each month to help you feel loved, inspired, blessed and encouraged. Each box helps less fortunate because a portion of each box shipped is donated to to help people experiencing homelessness. I received the Beauty Themed Loved and Blessed Box.  It reminds us that beauty comes from within.  It included the following items: A mini poster Reminder sticker Scripture Card Silicone bracelet Compact Mirror Prayer Journal Double click to view: All of the items are very nice quality and encourage me to look at beauty in a new and wonderful way. I especially like the prayer journal.  It is especially useful for me at this present time. If you like subscription boxes and items that encourage you, you can enter to win a year of encourage

How can coloring books benefit the family? #sp

  How can coloring books benefit the family? Looking for an activity the entire family can enjoy together? If so, coloring books are a great way to  bond. Not only can you sit together and enjoy one another's company, but there are a variety of  options from which you can choose, no matter what the family members' ages are, when the time  comes to choose these books. So, what are a few of the benefits of engaging in this activity together  as a family? 1. Spend more time together - If you simply can't find the time to spend together, why not spend time together when your kids are  colouring and doing homework? With adult colouring books, as well as books for individuals of all  ages, you can bring everyone together in a room to enjoy this time together, which you would  otherwise be spending apart. 2. Options for everyone - Just because you have younger kids doesn't mean you can't find coloring books which are significant for you as

#Aposon Mens Military Digital Outdoor Sports Watch

The Aposon Men's Military Digital Outdoor Sports Watch is a very attractive watch that is multi-functional. The watch face has a large display with large easy to read numbers and a light up face that is bright. The watch has many functions including, date, time, alarm, stopwatch.  It is waterproof up to 164 feet. The watch itself is very comfortable to wear and has many slots for adjustment so it should fit most wrists.  I have a very small wrist and was able to adjust it to fit me perfectly. Here is more information about the Aposon Watch: Imported WATERPROOF FUNCTION: 164 ft waterproof (50 M) - 5ATM. NOTE: please DO NOT press any buttons in the water DESIGN for SPORT: shock resistant, stop watch, military 24H time mode, and LED back light functions make it perfect for all kind of sport and daily use SIMPLE and FASHION: sport fashion design with simplicity, perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Calendar Date Wee