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The Money Maze Makes a Great Unique Gift #agreatlife

I love giving unique gifts and I love puzzles and mazes.  The Money Maze is a great way to give a unique gift.  It is like giving 2 gifts in one.

The Money Maze is a cube that holds a gift.  In order to receive the gift, you must maneuver a ball throughout the maze in the cube until you solve the puzzle.  Once the puzzle is solved, the cube will open and your recipient will be able to receive their special gift.

I found the Money Maze to be fun, challenging and entertaining.

Manufacturer's Notes:

Have you heard of a challenging gift box?  

Here's aGreatLife aMAZEd Money Maze puzzle as an ideal unique birthday gift for the adults and kids in your lives who love brain teasers, or use it as a funny gag gift to make your teenagers use a little ingenuity and logic to get to their cash! Great for Christmas and Birthdays - Sometimes cash or gift cards can seem like last minute gifts. But when you include a small puzzle box game, suddenly an inexpensive accessory makes your gift the most popular!

No More Boring Envelopes:
Your friends and family deserve a little more fanfare than impersonal birthday cards. It's affordable for the giver, awesome for the recipient, and can be used again and again.

Frustratingly Phenomenal Fun:
This non-toxic 3x3x3 box comes in four colors and is the new way to show you care without breaking the bank. It can also be the fun office gag gift with the new employee in the office.

Totally Worth the Wait:
The recipient of your gift might be a little exasperated while they're trying to get through the maze to the best surprise, but it'll be worth the wait. Recommended for anyone six and up. No one is safe from a good time.

Great Ideas for Anyone:
Turn cheap Christmas or birthday gift ideas into something exciting and intriguing. Your friends and family will be so happy that you put a little extra effort into their special moment. Plus, you can easily adjust the degree of difficulty.

Start Your Stockload Today:
It's fun and it's fresh! Order a few of these unique and fun boxes today! Your family and friends are sure to have a good time long after the puzzle's been solved.
This product has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Money Maze is available on Amazon from aGreatLife.

Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my personal opinion.