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Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

With Fall slowly upon us, my family loves going outside to enjoy the crisp air, the falling leaves and standing around together near the fire roasting s’mores. Having an outdoor area for our friends and family to gather is actually a lot easier than you think! Nothing really marks the start of good ‘ol fashion backyard season quite like creating your ideal space. You can incorporate as many items as you budget allows and than expand your chef’s corner and outdoor dining spaces over time.

Perhaps you haven’t started to even think about why you need an outdoor kitchen. My answer? Why run back and forth into the house when you can make all of your preparations right outside in the fresh air? You’ll need a food-prep surface ( which can range from a custom-built bluestone countertop or a small, all-weather table), good lighting to keep your party going after the sunsets, shelter for your chef or whomever is grilling  as well as a sink and some appliances.

To get started with some of the best ideas out there, here are some ways to help you right now.

Images: Premier Surfaces

  1. Mental Imagery - A common practice to help you think of your dream outdoor kitchen is imagining it! Without that in mind, a kitchen is left to happenstance, randomly twisting and turning into an effort  to find the perfect lighting or the great backsplash that won’t be. It can be extremely frustrating if you don’t have the proper planning, a lack of focus and the process leaves you feel extremely discouraged. Think of easy level design and look at the kitchen for what it could be. One way to help you see your image come to life is with the help of professionals. One company in the local Buffalo area is Premier Surfaces Buffalo NY Countertops. Their customer service is second to none and everyone is certified and trained to help keep things running smoothly. When you think of your true vision, they have everything you need including the best countertops.
  2. Storage - Like your inside home, you need a place to put all your items and lot of storage to put everything. The difference is that they all must be waterproof and durable for the temperature changes. Your countertops and cabinets are going to be designed to provide you the space you need to keep away the clutter but for a more customized look, you could even coordinate your flooring with your cabinets and countertops. Do you think you’ll be using this kitchen only during the warm summer months or will you be out there year round? Do you plan on having many guests over to entertain? Keep visualizing what you want in this space.
  3. Have Important Appliances - There are many kitchens that are perfect to include a sink, small refrigerator and a grill. There are even some speciality appliances that could include a smoker, warming drawer or beer tap. If you purchase these appliances, you want it to make it through some various weather conditions such as rain or sun. Stainless steel work is perfect in all and also requires low maintenance! Depending on the sink, remember it should either be hooked up to a yard hose or connected to your home water supply.
  4. Add Ambiance - Not only do you want your kitchen to be a place to not only enjoy your food and cook but it’s also a space for your guests to feel welcomed when they arrive. You can enjoy the wonderful weather while having all the comforts of your indoor space, outside. Add decorative objects and chairs to complete your look but don’t forget lighting too! Make sure your chairs are easy to stack to help you save on space. If your backyard is small, don’t over do it with a lot of items. Sometimes, less can be more!

Now that you’ve heard a few tips, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of your indoor kitchen, outside thanks to these ideas and Premier Surfaces in Buffalo New York. They have so many great choices of countertops and locations all over the United States. Quartz, natural stone, granite and marble options to choose from to help bring your vision alive.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.


  1. I think these are really pretty but even if I could afford one I wouldn't want one where we live. Too hot and muggy!.. Oh and buggy! These are some great tips!


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