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Oral Hygiene Products for Sensitive Mouths from CloSYS

Do you have sensitive teeth and gums ?  Did you know that there were oral hygiene products on the market that are specifically designed for people who suffer from sensitive teeth and gums?  These products are so gentle they are even used for some cancer patients who develop sores in their mouths from treatment.  

I have sensitive gums due to some dental work that I had done and don't really like that burning sensation that comes with some mouth rinses.  

CloSYS is designed differently from other oral hygiene products.  It contains Clorastal which is a special patented ingredient whose main purpose is to treat oral health conditions gently.  The way it works is that when your saliva contacts with it, it begins to activate in acidic areas where plaque has formed.  It kills dental plaque-causing bacteria and volatile sulfur compounds that damage soft tissue.

CloSYS also is effective on bad breath.  It reacts with molecules that cause bad breath and destroys them.  It doesn't just cover up the smell, it eliminates it.  It has a pleasant mint taste that isn't overwhelming. Get the clean mouth you want without the burn.

CloSYS products available include a mouth rinse, toothpaste and also breath spray.  Formulas include Sensitive, Ultra Sensitive and Adults over 55.  You can purchase products individually, or in kits, like the one shown above.  

You do not need a prescription to purchase.   Visit to purchase online, or see below for more options.

It is Alcohol free, Sulphate free, Triclosan Free and Gluten Free

CloSYS also carries the ADA seal of approval.  

You can learn more about how CloSYS works and register on the CloSYS website to receive special offers.

CloSYS is available online and in various drugstores, supermarkets and big box stores.  You can check to see where it is available in your area by clicking HERE

Disclosure:  I received product to review for my honest personal opinion and to facilitate this post.  I was not required to write a positive post.  No other compensation was received.


  1. I have suffered from tooth sensitivity for years. I'd love to try these products!


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