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Take the I-Top Challenge to Win a Legendary Prize

I remember spending hours in the back yard with my brothers playing with spin tops when I was growing up.  It was so much fun seeing who could get their top to spin the longest or fastest.  My brother Donny was a master top spinner and always came out on top.

Recently I was invited to take the I-Top Challenge and received this awesome top in the mail so that I could try it out and introduce it to you!  The top is made from a durable hard plastic material that can take a good pounding.  I actually dropped it from my hands and it didn't even scratch.

The way the top works is simple.  You spin it and see how many rotations you can get.   The best part is that it has electronics letters and numbers that show your high score and current rotations while the top is spinning.  This is so much fun and a great way to challenge friends! 

Check out my spinning top demo video:

Now for the really exciting part!  The I-Top Challenge is giving one winner the chance to win a Legendary Prize!  An all-inclusive, one day trip to a them park!  It includes food, drinks, and a budget to spend!  The highest score will win!  

Challenge Ended

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  I received a sample product to facilitate this post and show how it works.

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  1. I love my spinning mop but I don't have this one!


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