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Easy Ways to Save Money in the New Year

Are you looking for easy ways to save money in the new year?  Here are two useful apps that are designed to do just that!

The first app is Truebill.  Truebill is your automated financial assistant, designed to put you back in control of your money. Truebill lets you easily track bills, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and proactively requests refunds on your behalf, putting real money back in your pocket! With Truebill, you can save money, find the best credit card, lower your bills, and stay in control of your finances. It’s like your own personal finance watchdog.

Make Truebill your automated financial assistant!

Another app that is designed to help save you money is Trim.

Trim is a virtual personal assistant that constantly works to save you money. Cancel your old subscriptions, set spending alerts, check how much you spent on Uber last month, and automatically fight name a few cool ways Trim adds value. Trim is now the largest and fastest-growing chatbot for personal finance.

Let Trim save you money and time. 

Check out these apps and see if they could be useful in helping you achieve your goals in the new year.  You can learn more about them by visiting their websites clicking on the blue hyperlink or logo.

Disclosure:  I am posting these links as an affiliate of She Is Media.