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3 Great Online Tools for Church Ministries

As churches become more and more involved in their communities, it's helpful to have a few online Christian ministry tools to make serving a little easier. Whether or not you consider yourself to be tech-savvy, most of these resources are easy for anyone to use. Below are a few web-based tools to help make your church's ministry work more effective. 

Online Scripture

Although every Christian should have a printed Bible, a Bible website or app makes it easy to read or listen to scripture on the go. These web-based Bible resources may have a slight advantage over printed Bibles, as they allow the user to compare Bible translations simultaneously, quickly look up a keyword or investigate cross-references with ease. Many online Bibles even include Greek and Hebrew lexicons and commentary for in-depth study. The best part is that most of these resources are free. There are a multitude of online Bible resources available, so hunt around and find one that suits your church's needs.

Meal Train Websites

When there's a birth, death, illness or other need in your church, your congregation may use a meal ministry to fill the physical needs of affected families. Rather than coordinating details via lengthy email threads or dozens of phone calls, consider a centralized meal train website which makes it quick and easy to coordinate details for ministry members and the recipient's family. Some websites even include a place to collect donations, coordinate child and pet care or offer other necessary services to the family. Most of these websites are available to use free of charge.

Podcast Platform

Whether you're looking to share your church's sermons with the congregation, share a special event talk, record weekly discussions or otherwise, a podcast platform makes it easy to share audio with church members. Some podcast platforms only allow for sharing on your church website via the single platform itself, while others post the content across multiple platforms for a wider reach. Most of these podcast websites make it easy to share your content on social media as well, so church members can access and share the content with ease. Many podcast platforms are free to use as well, allowing you to maximize your ministry's effectiveness while being a good steward of church resources.

The impact that your ministry can make will be even more effective with the use of these tools. No matter the size of your ministry, online resources like these expand your church's reach and help your church serve however the Lord leads.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels