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Dating for Companionship After Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one is always difficult and is one of the greatest challenges in our lives. It often leaves an empty void that can’t be filled. Many people, while lonely, believe in being committed to one partner for their entire life, and don’t want to enter into another relationship. There is an alternative for widows and widowers to fill that empty void without being in a committed relationship.  You can date for companionship.

When you date for companionship you aren’t necessarily looking for a love interest.  More importantly, you want to find someone who understands you, who you can spend time with and have a connection with.  You want someone who can listen when you need an ear, or sometimes someone who you can go to dinner, a show or movie with when you’re feeling lonely.


Dating for companionship has many benefits that fill the important gaps in our lives. The benefits are just as important as love and are important to our mental health.

Dating for companionship helps to prevent loneliness and social isolation.  It helps individuals who are lonely to get back out into the world and develop a better sense of self purpose and keep their social skills sharp.  It can help individuals become more positive in their thoughts and interactions. Most of all it can allow you to express yourself freely and reminisce about your past to keep your memory sharp and mind stimulated.

Online Dating

Dating apps are so commonplace nowadays.  They provide a safe and secure platform for individuals to create an online chat that gives you the power to connect with others.  

Widows and Widowers commonly use online dating platforms  to help them seek someone new. It creates an environment that is safe and familiar and gives the chance for you to meet new people and gradually get to know them.  This is a good way to also decide whether you want to pursue a platonic or personal relationship. This also allows you to decide on your own terms how quickly you want to take that relationship further, if at all.

If you aren’t sure how to start, has articles and guidelines  offer great tips for getting started.  Best of all, you can use the app anywhere, including the comforts of home, or while away.

About is one of the longest running widow and widower dating websites in the US,  that helps to provide a safe and compassionate dating atmosphere for its clients.  They pay close attention to details of each person and understand how difficult the process can be. They also know how important it is for their clients to work at their own pace while trying to meet others who can relate to their loss in a truly genuine way.  Their goal is to help you to find the companion that is perfect for you.

Through the platform, you can easily connect with other widows and widowers in your area based on your location and interests.

No one should be lonely or alone. Give someone new a chance to fill those voids in your life.