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4 Tips for Planning a Perfect BBQ Cookout


There is nothing like a good old barbecue cookout with friends and family to kick the blues away, especially in the current situation we find ourselves in.

One of America's favorite pastimes, the aromatic scent of grilled meat from a BBQ cookout billows high whether it's the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or Father's Day.

This checklist provides some tips for you to incorporate in your next cookout, from introducing all purpose seasoning to save time to employing certain techniques that will reduce the effort and time taken in washing utensils afterward by half.


Select a Theme

It is the perfect way to spruce up your cookout to a new level. Add a theme - any theme you can think of that will involve your family - to the cookout. If you have children, this will be an excellent opportunity to teach them fun art and crafts techniques. 


If you're low on ideas, here are a few to get your creative juices flowing – 


Beach theme - If you have an indoor swimming pool, this is a perfect option for you. 


Garden tea party - If you're looking for something more sophisticated, a garden tea party-themed cookout is the one to select. 


Fiesta - If you have a lot of children in the family, having a colorful and bright fiesta with bunting banners, fun balloon displays, and pinatas can undoubtedly perk up the atmosphere.  


Select the Time

While it makes sense to have a cookout during the day, the recent temperature rise in North America might make it arduous for your guests to have a pleasant time under the sun. So, before going ahead with the planning, it is necessary to check weather forecasts and take a quick poll on the same from your guests.

Some people also prefer having cookouts in the evening. If you, too, find that idea enticing, there are some pretty creative ways you can check out to decorate your garden or backyard with different kinds of lighting to light up your party.



Take a Call on the Food


The food is the crux upon which the barbeque cookout develops into a bonding experience. Therefore, the type of food you choose will significantly impact the success of the party. It is better to plan for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses, including starters. To give you a basic checklist that you can follow:


● Meat - Chicken, lamb, beef, fish

● Sausages

● Burgers and their garnish 

● Hot dog rolls and burger buns 

● Cheese slices

● Mushrooms

● Coleslaw ingredients

● Corn on the cob 

● Baking potatoes


If you're ardent about using all-American ingredients, go for Omaha Steaks for beef, Seaboard Food for pork, and American Seafoods for fish. 



The array of condiments you choose and present for the party will factor in how well your guests enjoy the food. For example, you can offer mustard, ketchup, mayo, BBQ sauce, etc., on muffin tins to save space and be more efficient. 

An excellent option for cookouts is using all-purpose seasoning that adds a burst of flavors to almost everything you might prepare, especially useful if you're cooking multiple dishes. 


Another terrific way to save time is to pre-cut all the vegetables and meat beforehand, probably the day before. You can also distribute homemade punch in mason jars and pitchers so that you don't have to play bartender during the party.