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These Valentines Gifts are Perfect for Sensory Development


Let’s have some sensory play fun with TUTTIFRUTTI Scented Modeling dough products.  These products are a perfect sensory gift for children, from Family Games America.

I love these delicious scents! I was sent a few products to review which are perfectly pink and red, and wanted to share some great Valentine ideas with you!

Check out my Sensory Love Bug! It’s quick and simple to make!

Products featured in this video include: 

1 gluten free lunchbag - cupcakes
1 250g red strawberry and
1 250g pink bubblegum

Red and pink to make hearts for valentines day, and they can blend together to make endless hues. Use the vanilla in the lunchbag to make the colors turn to pastel hues!!

Tutti Frutti Lunch bags are the newest launch from Family Games America. 

Four titles of three styles:

Original, Gluten Free, and Sparkling. Bring them everywhere you go.

They retail for  $19.99 - $24.99

When the doughs dry out, they can rehydrate with a few drops of water!


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