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Pretty Scented Candles to Create Romantic Moods

(Photo source: Home Jewel Co)

I love scents, especially candle scents.  I like to use scent to create moods and memories.  When I think back to certain memorable moments in my life, there are usually some sort of scent attached, or when I smell certain scents, they always stir up certain memories. 

Home Jewel Co has some very pretty scented candles that are perfect for creating relaxing atmospheres this Valentines season. 

I received a beautiful mandarin sandalwood scented candle.  It came beautifully wrapped and ready for gift giving.  It’s just one of the beautiful scents available on their website.  It can be used to create a romantic bath time with flower pedals for your spouse, or can even be used in a  gift basket for someone special along with a book and some bath salts and slippers. 

However you choose to gift, candles are always a beautiful gift to give.  Not sure which scent your recipient would like? Check out the sample box which features 5 miniature scented candles in different fragrances. 

About Home Jewel Co

In just a few short years, Home Jewels Co has quickly become a household name. Established in 2017, this independent London-based soy candle and wax melt company has been designed and catered for the eco-conscious consumer. Using 100% organic soy wax, essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrance oils, Home Jewels Co produces the indulgent fragrances many have grown to love.  


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