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Interesting Facts about St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick day is celebrated every year on March 17, the date of his death.

Patrick was  an aristocrat (a broad term that usually refers to people that are of a particular social order considered the highest social class of that society.)

He actually wasn't born in Ireland.

He was born in a village called BannavemTaberniae, which doesn't exist on any British maps today.

Patrick grew up in a Christian family, but as a young boy didn't show much interest in his religion.

At the age of 16, Patrick was kidnapped for 6 years by Irish raiders. There they had him working as a sheep herder.  Being lonely and scared, this made Patrick turn to his religion for comfort.

Patrick is said to have heard the voice of God telling him to leave Ireland.  He walked 200 miles to the Ireland coast and  took passage on a ship to Britain and his family. But he couldn't stop thinking of Ireland.

Patrick is said to have had a dream that an angel came to him, telling him to return to Ireland as…

SB Local Birthday Promotion! #sp

You've probably heard me talk about Swagbucks before. It's the site where you get points (called SB) for doing things like shopping, discovering deals, watching videos, taking surveys, and searching the web. Then you turn those points in free gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and PayPal cash.  
Swagbucks is at its best when they're paying you to do something you'd already do online, and now they're taking that concept into thousands of restaurants around the country with the SB Local app for iOS and Android. Starting on 2/24 and running through Monday, 2/27, they have a killer deal running - here's how you can take advantage of it:     

1.Click here to download the Swagbucks Local app. You can create your Swagbucks account if you're new to it.    
2. Sign in with your Swagbucks account information.      
3. Link your first debit/credit cards to your Swagbucks Local app and get an instant 100 SB!    
4. Use your linked card to pay at…

Taking Advantage of the Warm Weather

What a beautiful day it was in the Northeast today.  It was a beautiful, sunny 70 degree day.  Luckily, my husband had the day off today, so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and headed down the shore.

We began our trip at a large indoor/outdoor flea market.  We strolled amongst the tables, looking at the sea of items for sale.  Honestly, a lot of it is pure junk, but it is amazing what some people are able to make from nothing.  I really wasn't looking for anything in particular.  I just liked browsing and strolling.  I did pick up a few antique pins for $1 each.  I have a weakness for pretty things.

After visiting the flea market we headed out to lunch at an Irish restaurant.  We had corned beef, cabbage and potatos and shepard's pie.  My husband wanted to share both because he couldn't decide which one he wanted.   I stuck to the corned beef and cabbage, since I am trying to eat more healthy.

After lunch we drove a few minutes to the shore to take …

Swag Code Extravaganza: Birthday Edition! (Canada and US)

Swagbucks is celebrating their 9th birthday, Swagbucks is having a  Swag Code Extravaganzas, which is one of the easiest ways to earn SB! What are SB you ask? SB are points you earn on Swagbucks, a website where you can get gift cards for the things you do online - I've gotten amazon, restaurant and store gift cards as well as paypal  with Swagbucks! What are you waiting for? 
The celebration begins onMonday, February 27th at 12am PT and goes all day long! All you have to do is look out for the Swag Code notifications, enter the code, and you earn SB (which can be redeemed for gift cards)! There will be 9 Swag Codes throughout the day worth a total of 50 SB!

Look out for the Swag Codes all over Swagbucks! Sign up hereto grab as many Swag Codes as you can and get your first gift card even faster!
Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.

Birthday Swago #sb

Swagbucks is celebrating their birthday all day on February 27th, but they want to give YOU presents. You can play Swago (their version of bingo) all day long, filling out squares as you earn points on their site for doing things you already do online.

For each square you fill in, you get a spin on their big birthday prize wheel, where you can earn up to 2500 points with each spin!

The best part is that the points you get can be used to get free gift cards to places like Amazon, or PayPal cash!

Fill up your board and then submit your patterns to get even more spins and more chances to win big points!

Click here to sign up and get started! If you sign up through my link and earn 300 SB before March 1st, you'll get a bonus 300 SB!

Playing Swago is easy and fun.  Start earning today!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post

Inkdoodle Canvas Art Prints #inkdoodle

Inkdoodle takes your ordinary photos and turns them into beautiful canvas art.
Balboa loves his portrait!

The colors and clarity are beautiful on the canvas piece that I received.

Balboa is being displayed beautifully on this end table. 
The Inkdoodle canvase prints can be set on a table top or hung on the wall.

Canvas art prints make wonderful gifts and are a beautiful way to display your favorite photos.

For more information on their canvas prints visit them online

You can choose from various sizes and styles.  
Inkdoodle also makes other wonderful products.

Disclosure:  I received a free canvas print to review.  All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.

Kid Friendly Edible Leprechaun Hats #DIY #Kids #Recipes #StPattysDay #crafts #dessert #foodies

St Patty's Day is upon us and I have created a kid friendly treat that is fun to make and eat!
Leprechaun Hats

This recipe requires the following ingredients:
Store bought cookies (any small round cookie) green marshmallows green melting chocolate black fondant gold decorating glitter gel (edible kind) decorative shamrock candy
(Most of the products are available in your local craft store)

Start by dipping the cookies in melted chocolate.

immediately place a green marshmallow on top  (freeze for 10 minutes)

Roll fondant and cut into small strips, place on hat and secure with a tiny bit of water.

Decorate sash with gold decorating glitter (I used Wilton Sparkle Gel.  It can be found in the cake decorating section of craft stores)

Garnish hats with edible shamrocks 

Serve on a decorated plate

Spring Fling Gift Guide Baby Bonanza Giveaway @las930 @SMGurusNetwork

This post contains affiliate links if clicked on I may receive a small commission to support this blog.
Welcome to the Spring Fling Gift Guide Baby Bonanza Giveaway! We love babies and we have some great sponsors that want to give out some awesome prizes for someone's little one! Over $500 in retail value! This contest is hosted by the Social Media Gurus Network! Below is a list of all the bloggers involved in the gift guide. Michigan Saving and MoreDeliciously SavvyTales From A Southern MomHeartbeats ~ Soul StainsWelcome To My KitchenLife in a House of TestosteroneBohemian BabushkaHere We Go Again readyMy Silly Little GangMom Are We There YetJava John Z’sGiveaway GatorSaraLee's Deals Steals & GiveawaysMy ItzyMint Green with EnvyEveryday Gizmos Sweeps & ViewsMami's 3 Little MonkeysalwaysblabbingMonica's Rants, Raves & ReviewsRonda WritesPaulaMS' Giveaways, Reviews, & FreebiesMissy's Product ReviewsStingy, Thrifty, BrokeBargnhtress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway @las930 @DROP_PRICE

Welcome to the $100 Amazon Gift Card Dropprice!Dropprice is an innovative startup that rewards moms for being social. Essentially, they empower moms to drop prices of kids & baby products with a click. The price continues dropping as more moms click “Drop the price”. Every week new promotions are launched and moms drop prices by sharing them on social media. See the chart below to understand the power moms have and how important it is to share with other moms

 In today’s promotion for the GUND Sound & Lights Whale, it started out at $40.00 and for each mom that clicks, the price drops a bit. The price will continue to drop for each mom that participates.

You can choose to share on social media to get more moms to click “Drop the price”, or you can “Buy Now” at the current price. Keep in mind that when the price gets low, they usually sell out and you will no longer have the chance to buy that item. As an added bonus every item on Dropprice ships for free! Do you want t…