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Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Tech?

I have been reading a lot about Artificial Intelligence being the future in the tech world and I can definitely see it being a reality.  As a matter of fact, it already exists.

How often do you call a company and get greeted by a prompted recording.  For example, when you call your bank or motor vehicle agency you may get a recording asking for specific account information followed by asking for the reason of your call.  Key words then are used to prompt follow up questions or answers.  This is a form of artificial intelligence.

So, how will this Artificial Intelligence expand in the work force?  Well according to an article from Forbes magazine AI is expanding and amplifying human capabilities.  They also believe that business professionals will see new ways innovation can help them grow and create new fields of work for tech professionals in AI-related jobs.

Blake Rubin is a driving force in the tech industry who sees and understands the complexities of artificial intelligence in the work field.  He saw how it began being used in app development, smart technology and virtual assistants.  He also has an understanding of how AI is helping users and consumers find solutions with difficult issues.

His main interest in in the field of concentrated deep learning, also known as processing data with stimulating neurons.  He knows that technology will have to be able to "think" like a human and decipher like one as well.  This will require a sophisticated approach, such as using numerous photographs of an individual to discern whether or not a computer can determine whether it is the same individual.  That type of technological intelligence could be very valuable to law enforcement.

Blake Rubin has worked with advance software that was capable of using limited information to make critical decisions.  He realizes the demand from companies to secure the best artificial intelligence researchers.  Companies spend millions of dollars on this research.

Blake had the foresight of new and technologically advanced products that were coming from companies small and large in computing.  He has been involved in developing apps and software for language comprehension and speech recognition.  He says that the most technologically advanced app will actually be able to have a conversation with a human being in the future.  It will also have the capability of learning from mistakes so that it does not make them again.  I find this fascinating.  This app will also be able to communicate with appliances in the home and to self driving cars.  This is the type of technology that is coveting by computing giants because it is what will place them ahead of their competition.

It is important for businesses to stay ahead of the game when it comes to artificial intelligence or else they will be left behind.

Forbes did an analysis of job demand on LinkedIn and found that machine learning engineer was leading the list of skills in demand.  Other jobs in demand included data scientist, sales development manager, and customer success manager.  This are all jobs that are flourishing because of AI platforms and insights.

You will see new kinds of job titles in the future that are AI related.  These jobs will include trainers, explainers and sustainers.  The trainer will be focused on training the AI system.

For those who fear that machines will take over and jobs will be fewer, they couldn't be more wrong.  Certainly these AI machines will take away jobs in certain aspects, but many of these machines will need human assistance to run and more jobs will be created to help these machines run efficiently and intelligently.  It will also help to create new industry.

What are your thoughts on Artificial Intelligence in the future?

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  1. I don't really know enough about Artificial Intelligence to make a really good decision. I guess I need to read up on it more. This is an interesting post!


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