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Dr Scholl's Shoes

I have flat feet and always find myself with back, knee or foot pain if I stand for too long without my inserts. When I use Dr Scholl's orthotics or inserts they help to ease the discomfort tremendously.

I never knew Dr Scholl's also makes shoes. I never knew what I was missing! I stumbled upon their facebook page and my eyes lit up. I immediately began browsing their website at and was very pleased with all of the choices that are available. There are so many styles and colors and patterns of shoes to choose from!

I contacted them because I was so excited and asked if they would allow me to do a review on my blog. Afterall, for over 30 years Dr.Scholl's products have made a huge difference in my life. They so graciously agreed and wanted me to inform my followers that they give away a FREE PAIR of shoes to one of their Facebook followers EVERY FRIDAY!! Look for my shoe review soon!

Here are some of the wonderful styles that are available on their website:

There are so many more too!

Be sure to browse their website and check out their facebook page and enter to win as well!

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Dr.Scholl's shoes to review in exchange for this blog post. However, all opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. Your opinion may differ. No monetary compensation was received. This post has no affiliation with Facebook.


  1. I didn't realize they had such a large selection of shoes!! I love the wedges.

  2. I never knew they made shoes, well check it out

  3. I had a pair of their shoes years ago. Love the new styles!

  4. I am really surprised by the cute shoes they have! I always thought they were for older people!

  5. I have flat feet, too. Surprisingly, I also like some of the attractive styles they are offering.

  6. I've got flat feet too! And wide ones, oy... thanks for sharing, there are some very pretty styles here.
    gina b


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