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Have a spooky good time making popcorn ball spiders!

Fall time is fun time and I love looking for fun ideas to do with my family.  These popcorn spiders are simple and fun to make!  They make great party favors and are easy to create with your children.  Of course they should always be supervised.

I used this simple recipe I found on

If you use less popcorn, you can just reduce your ingredient portions.  I used 3 cups of popcorn, so I just divided all of my ingredients by 3.

To make the color of my spiders, I used both green and red food coloring and put a few drops of each in the bowl after applying  the binding ingredient and mixing it thoroughly.

To form my ball I used my Popcorn baller.  It is so simple to use and makes great popcorn balls!  It also keeps my hands from getting sticky!

For the spider legs I used licorice sticks.  Simply poke a toothpick into one end of the licorice and insert it into your popcorn ball. (repeat for all legs)  (Please supervise children and remove toothpicks before serving)

For the eyes I used Spree candies and sugar dots.  I used vanilla frosting as my adhesive.

That's it!  So simple!

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Disclaimer I received products from to help facilitate in preparing my popcorn balls.  I also received a coupon for free popcorn from Jolly Time.  All opinions expressed are my own.