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Hurry Spring!

This cold weather is putting me in survival mode.  I never throught I'd be sitting in my home wearing gloves and a ski hat , but here I am doing just that. 

  I find myself cooking and baking all day.  In the past 2 days I've made  beef stew, a pot of chili, coffee cake muffins and meshi, which is ground beef with minced onion, tomato sauce and diced peppers wrapped in foil (like stuffed cabbage) and boiled in mint tea.  I haven't even been hungry. I am just cooking to stay warm. Plus, I figure if we lose power from this frigid weather, I can start a fire in the fireplace and throw a pot of food on it, if I don't freeze first.

How have you been fairing in this cold polar weather?  

Here are some tips for keeping warm in the winter from  I hope they can be useful for you.  

Stay warm my friends!