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Fun Facts about #February

Did you know that the Romans and Celts regarded February as the start of Spring?  Well it surely doesn't seem like Spring around here.  As a matter of fact I don't recall such a cold Winter in a long time.

Weather-lore beliefs and sayings of February:

If February give much snow.
A Fine Summer it doth foreshow,

Let's hope that belief holds true.

Here are some fun facts I found online about the month of February from Folklore and Tradtions:

February, along with the month of January was introduced on the Roman calendar by Numa Pompilous when the calendar was extended from 10 to 12 months.

Image result for numa pompiliusNuma Pompilius was the legendary second king of Rome, succeeding Romulus

The word February comes from the word Februa which means cleansing or purification, which reflects the rituals performed before Spring.

Other names for February:

Anglo Saxons called February Sol-monath (cake month) because cakes were offered to the gods during that month.  They also referred to February as Sprout-kale because of the sprouting of cabbage or kale during this month.

In Welsh, February is known as 'y mis bach' the little month, because it only has 28 days in non-leap years.

During the times of Shakespear,  the second month of the year was known as  Feverell.  100 years later, during Isaac Newton's time, it was known as Februeer.
The modern name February is only about 100 years old.