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An afternoon in #Brooklyn

A couple of weeks ago my son had to attend a job meeting at Times Square.  The meeting was for his summer internship and was 8 hours long.

My husband and I decided to ride him into Manhattan and spend the day in the city.  We wanted to do something different during our trip, so after spending the morning in Manhattan, we decided to take a drive over to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is just a bridge ride from Manhattan.  I had always wanted to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and this was a perfect opportunity.

Here are photos and a video from our afternoon in Brooklyn.

We started the trip in Brooklyn by taking a walk down by the water overlooking Manhattan.

Convenient street signs pointed us to the direction of popular attractions.

Love locks that are found along the fences.

A view of the Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn.

No trip to Brooklyn is complete without a trip to Grimaldi's famous Pizzeria.

The perfect pizza.

As we walked the streets I loved seeing places that were familiar to me.

The view of the bridge from the streets of Brooklyn is magnificent.

We decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge after lunch.

View of Manhattan from the Bridge

When we got to the Manhattan side of the bridge we arrived at a small park with extremely talented street dancers

We had a wonderful day in Brooklyn and now I scratch walking over the Brooklyn Bridge from my bucket list.  I can't wait to go back and explore more areas of Brooklyn.

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