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Don't Stress Thanksgiving! My #WeightWatchers Journey Week 11 #SelfControl #Diet

It's Week 11  and I lost another 1.4 pounds. Yay!  Since it was a short week, I was a lot more conscientious..  I usually go to my meeting on Thursday.

One thing that I will not be doing tomorrow is over eating.  I have already set a mental plan for myself.  Since we will be having our dinner at 2, I will only be having a small breakfast.  I will probably have a cup of yogurt with some fresh fruit.  I also will probably not eat after my Thanksgiving meal, so I have about 26 points for my dinner and dessert.  However, I already know that I will be using more points than that.

I won't deprive myself of anything that I want to have.  However, I will be cutting back portions tremendously.  Here is how I plan to use them:

1 thin slice of ham (2 oz.)  2 pts
1 slice of turkey       2 pts
1 serving of green beans  0
1 serving of mashed potatoes   1 pt
1serving of yams     5 pts
1 tbsp of cranberry sauce   2 pts
1 serving corn     2 pts,
2 tbsp stuffing   6 pts

My total dinner will be 20 pts,  leaving 6 for dessert.

For dessert,  I will use some of my weekly allowance points.  I will be having a small piece of brown derby cake.  It was my father in law's favorite.  He passed away this past year and I wanted to serve it as a symbol of remembrance.  My slice will probably equal 10 pts because I will have 1/2 of the amount allotted.

Since we are allowed 42 extra points beyond the daily 30, I will use 4 pts of the 42 given.

On Friday I will continue to stay on track and plan to go for a nice long walk.

Don't stress Thanksgiving.  In reality it is just another meal.  You have the control to decide what goes on your plate. Don't let anyone force you to eat what you really don't want to.  Just remember to try and plan out your meal ahead of time and calculate the points that it will be.  This way you can stay in control of what you will be consuming without feeling guilty later.  

Practice self control.  Ask yourself, "Do I really want that, or am I eating it because it is there?"
If you find yourself going for seconds, wait a few minutes and see if the urge passes.

If you do go a little overboard, don't beat yourself up.  Get back on track Friday.  Incorporate a little more exercise into your week and eat smart meals the rest of the week.

You can do it! Remember why you started this journey.  There is a silver lining at the end of the rainbow.

Have  a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!