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How Do You Succeed When You Set a Goal? My Journey #weightloss #inspiration #diet

Do you know what I miss?  I miss the days of being able to eat anything I wanted without even thinking about it.  I miss the days that I didn't have to plan out each meal I was going to consume,  to stay within my guideline.

It seems that once menopause started to kick in, my body started doing its own thing.  It is like I transformed overnight.  Suddenly those little snacks that I grabbed when I was bored, started to decide to stick around and before I knew it, I was overweight.

I had always been in pretty good shape.  I was walking, working out at the gym and studying krav maga, doing pilates and yoga.  Then my inlaws became
 terminally ill and I spent 3 years helping to care for them and my world pretty much focused on them. Before I knew it, I put on a lot of weight.

Now I find myself making up for all of those fast food meals I grabbed to save time.

About 2 months ago, I decided enough was enough and joined Weight Watchers.  I had used the program in the past and was always successful on it.  I am the type of person who gets to a point and says that's it, I'm done.  Once I reach that point, I pretty much stick to my will and ride it out.

I have to say that in the past 8 weeks I have lost 16 lbs.  I think I could've done better if I were more active.  But, I take each week one day at a time and assess each day to see where I could've done better.

I find myself being accountable for everything I put in my mouth and I keep a food diary of every single thing I eat.  That helps keeps me aware and on track.

I also look for healthier versions of foods that I like and even try new foods too.

Recently, I tried unsweetened almond milk for the first time, both chocolate and vanilla.  Each 8 ounce serving is only 1 point.  It tastes delicious.

I also baked butternut squash fries that I cut up myself, instead of potato or sweet potato fries.  They are really delicious and satisfy the craving I get for fries.

Little things add up into big things.

I would love to take you on my journey and share some recipes  and ideas and encourage you to join me on a road to a healthier you.  I know we are all different and like different things, but I think we can all give tips and ideas to each other that can perhaps help each other to not feel alone in a struggle or journey.

I am no doctor. I am a mom, a middle aged woman with hypothyroidism, going through pre menopause.  I know I have a slow journey ahead of me, but I accept that and I will succeed.  I write little notes to myself every day for encouragement.  I remind myself why I started my journey. When I feel discouraged, I look at my notes and remind myself why I have to do this.

I believe in myself and I believe in any of you who want to take this journey too.

Feel free to comment below with any tips, ideas or words of encourage that you have for anyone who wants to be a better, healthier self.


  1. One day at a time and stay focus! You are doing awesome and look fabulous! Keep up the great job you are doing and remember I am always here for you!

  2. My dad says there are just two things to remember. Don't sweat the small stuff, & it's all small stuff. Good luck & keep up the good work!

  3. Good luck! I miss being able to eat whatever I want too!


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