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Decorate Your Cakes Like A Pro with Keren's - #baking #cakedecorating #Russiandecoratingtips

I am far from a professional cake decorator, but have always had a strong interest in it.  As a matter of fact, my father was a baker.  This is probably why I have always had this penchant for baking and decorating.

When I was given the opportunity to try out these Russian decorating tips, I jumped at the chance.  Keep in mind that I have never ever tried decorating a cake in my life.  I was always the mom with the ugly cupcakes that tasted great at the bake sale.

The first thing I thought when I got these tips was how much fun it is going to be to try them all out.  There are so many different tips and there are even pastry bags included!  There are also recipes, cleaning brushes and more!  It really does have pretty much everything I need to get started.

I decided to elect my sister to help me out with my fun project, since we usually bake cookies together, I thought she would enjoy this project as well. We had such a blast!  We tried out a few of the tips and I think we did pretty good for our first time!  I can't wait to keep practicing and having the prettiest cupcakes and cakes!

I checked out some decorating videos online and got some great ideas for how to make buttercream and how to mix colors to get a rainbow effect.

Here is my first attempt at trying out this tip.  I think I did pretty good!

We were playing around with different ways some of the tips could be used.

I like the tip brush that comes with the set.  It helps me clean the little nooks and crannies in the tips.

My masterpieces! :)

This mini cake was my favorite.  I love the color combo and the tip we used.  It reminds me of a bridal bouquet.

Thanks to my sister for letting me use her kitchen.  She has a nice huge counter!

Here I am posing with my creations!

Pretty rainbow effect!  I love this design!

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Here is a Classic Buttercream Recipe:

Classic American Buttercream Recipe

·         1 cup (2 sticks) butter (Can use salted but unsalted will work), softened to room temp
·         4 cups confectioners' sugar
·         1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (or other extract or flavoring)
·         2-3 tablespoons heavy cream, half and half or milk
·         Pinch of salt (if using unsalted butter)

With your butter at room temperature (soft, but not melted), beat it for a few minutes with a hand mixer or with the paddle attachment of your stand mixer on medium speed.
Gradually add the powdered sugar while mixing at the lowest speed until the sugar has been incorporated with the butter and you reach the desired consistency (at least 3 cups of sugar).
Increase mixer speed to medium and the vanilla, salt, and 2 tablespoons of milk/cream. Beat just until smooth or you will mix in too much air.
If your frosting needs a more stiff consistency, add more sugar, about a 1/4 of a cup at a time. If your frosting needs to be thinned, add more milk or cream, 1 tablespoons at a time.

If coloring your frosting, mix it in at the end until evenly colored.

Disclosure:  I received this product to review at a discounted price, for my honest personal opinion.  No other compensation was received.  This post contains affililate links.


  1. I had fun helping with this project! Thanks!

  2. I have always wanted to try decorating my own cakes, this would be great for a reasonable price to try these out. Thanks for sharing!


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