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Do You Read Labels? My #WeightWatchers Journey

I use to have this preconceived notion that sugar free foods were low calorie foods and that I could eat more of them than other foods when I dieted.   Boy, was I ever so wrong.

Lately, I have been more in tune with what I put in my body and that means reading labels and learning more about the foods I eat.  I was shocked when I saw the calories, fat and carbs that were in a lot of the foods. Some had just as many calories as their regular counterparts.

Don't get me wrong,  there are some sugar free food and drink choices that are smart.  The key to making those smart choices is reading labels.

Another side note to that is that sugar free foods that contain artificial sweeteners tend to be sweeter than sugar added foods and the artificial sweeteners can trigger cravings for more sugar!  Also, let's not forget some of the yucky chemicals that are added to some of these sweeteners.

According to,  you should pay attention to daily value percentages on food labels.  Paying attention to key things like unsaturated fats, carbs, protein, minerals and vitamins are key to stay healthy because you need a certain amount of them every day to maintain a healthy diet.

Avoiding or limiting saturated fats, trans fats and sodium are very important as well.

I just want to make you aware to be sure and read those labels!  Here is an interesting article that I read on the Food Network blog website about Sugar-Free Foods.  It has a lot of interesting information.

Another key phrase to pay close attention to is Fat Free and Low Fat.  Many of these products also hide hidden calories, sugars and more.

If you would like more information about proper dieting, visit informative websites like The Mayo Clinic or Weight Watchers or better yet, talk to your doctor or dietician.

Staying informed is a great way to help you succeed in your weight loss and healthy living goals.