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OZERI Black Ceramic Knives and Stand #Review

These knives are gorgeous! I love them so much more than other ceramic knives I have used in the past. The sleek design, shape of the handle and comfortable grip really are great. They cut well too. I like how easy the knives glide through my foods that I am preparing. I also like that they come with knife guard sleeves and point protectors.

  • The Elite Chef Black Ceramic Knife Set includes 3 ultra-sharp 100% ceramic knives that slice through fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats with ease.
  • Coupled to perfectly balanced ergonomic handles, the Elite Chef Ceramic Knives make chopping, mincing and dicing easier than ever before.
  • By utilizing the purest ceramic, each blade is close in hardness to diamonds and preserves its razor-sharpness 10 times longer than steel blades.
  • Unlike metal knives, the Elite Chef Knives do not corrode, rust or leach metal ions from extended exposure to moisture, oils or acids in common foods.
  • Each Ozeri knife weighs less than half of an equivalent metal knife, thereby reducing fatigue and pain from repetitive cutting and meal preparation.

You can purchase these knives by visiting:

Here is the knife stand that can be purchased separately for the ceramic knives.  It is very nice and modern.  The stand is adjustable. I usually keep it erect but when I am using them or about to use them

 I like to tip the knife that I plan on using down so it is easier to access. The stand is very modern and sleek in design and doesn't take up a lot of space. The quality of the stand is very durable and it functions well. 

  • Designed for the Ozeri Elite Chef 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set, with separate spaces for a 3", 6" and 9" knife.
  • Holds up to 3 kitchen knives, each with a protective enclosure that prevents blade damage from contact with other knives.
  • Adjusts from flush to an angled position so that the knife handles can be staggered or arranged in a row.
  • Stands securely on any flat counter with slip-resistant rubberized feet.
  • Made of durable acrylic with a reflective black veneer.

Right now this stand is on sale 50% off at the time of this post.  Please use this link to order:

Disclosure:  I received these products to review for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.


  1. Those are really nice. We love to cook so good kitchen knives are a must!


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