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Staying on Track In The New Year - My #WeightWatchers Journey Week 18

Hello again! I hope you are having a  happy new year so far.  Sorry I didnt post last week.  I have to be honest,  I skipped out on my visit to my Weight Watchers center.  Not because I didn't stick to my plan,  I did stick to it.  I just didn't want to go back the first week of the new year because I know how crowded and busy it could be.  At least, that is what I perceived in my mind.

I was so happy to get back in to my meeting today.  I feel like I gain so much knowledge and self control by going.  The little tips and hints that I pick up from my leader and others who are on this journey really make a huge difference in my success.  Believe me, every resource that I can utilize, I do.  I am not afraid to admit that I sometimes fail and sometimes go astray.  Having resources, help me to get back on track.

I use my Weight Watcher tools, online groups, family, books, friends, really anything I can think of,  to keep me focused.  Of course I have my handy dry erase board that I use to write down my self motivation notes and memos.  I also have my success ring that I keep all of my accomplishments from my Weight Watcher journey on.  It is the keyring I showed you a couple of weeks ago.
I can always drop into an extra meeting during the week if I want to as well.  My resources really are endless, I just have to utilize them.

I lost 2.5 pounds over the past 2 weeks.  I am up to 27.5 lost since my journey began. My goal for the month is to lose 5, so I am half way there.  Even if I don't reach my goal, as long as I do everything right, I will be happy.

What kind of resources do you use when you feel that you are losing control?  Do you find it easier to seek out information on your own, or do you seek help from others around you?  Both ways are good, because in both ways you are looking for ways to solve a problem or dilemma.  

Feel free to comment below with resources that you find to be helpful on your journey.

Be sure to register on my website so that you can comment.

Have a successful and resourceful week!  I will.


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  2. Keep going strong you are doing awesome!


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