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Easy Easter Milkshakes #easter #recipe #dessert #kids

It's Easter time and this time of year one of my very favorite candies are speckled malt eggs.  I have created a delicious milkshake using speckled malt eggs that you will love!

The ingredients are 

1 large bag of speckled malt eggs
1 gallon of vanilla low fat ice cream
milk (as needed)
food coloring (optional)
Marshmallow Peeps
melting chocolate

Start by separating your robin eggs by color

Place (1) color of robin eggs in your food processor or blender and crush them up as much as possible

Add 2-3 scoops of ice cream. sprinkles and 1 drop of food coloring  (if desired)
* you can also place all ingredients in food processor at once and blend well


Add milk to thin out milkshake if desired
(you will repeat these steps for each color of robin eggs)

To serve:

Dip rim of glass in melting chocolate 

Immediately dip glass in sprinkles

Pour shake into glass

Garnish straws with peep