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Flowers, Flowers Everywhere! My Trip to the Garden Show in Newburgh, NY #flowers #floral #gardening

The beautiful colors draping along the landscape were focused on patio designs this year.

I got some really great ideas!

This beautiful waterfall display comes to life with the beautiful flowers surrounding it.

I love tulips and love how they bunched so many different varieties and colors together.

Garden statues add whimsy to any garden, like the owl pictured here.

I love the layered look of these flowers. They remind me of cupcake frosting.

Beautiful daisies, so hearty, yet so delicate ....he loves me, he loves me not ...

These colorful blooms would be perfect for my front landscape.

Tall, beautiful blooms.

A breathtaking view of beauty.

This arrangement of flowers caught my eye.  I love how the bright reds and corals popped with the neon blues and yellows.

Beautiful red

This was my favorite flower in the garden.  It was so soft and delicate.

What are your favorite flowers?  Do you like to garden?   I would love to hear about your favorite flowers and gardening secrets.


  1. My parents are landscape designers, but it didn't pass into my blood. Lol. I love peonies, though - I'm pretty sure the flowers in your last picture are peonies.

    Angela Rhodes Ingles

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know. I am not good in the flower name department. lol


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