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Struggling Through February - My #Weightwatchers Journey Weeks 22-24

Hello again.  Did you miss my posts?  I was on a bit of a hiatus.  Actually, I have been following along on my diet, but had a pretty busy month and missed out on meetings.  I did return today though. 

I am down 3 lbs since my last visit for a total so far of 31 lbs.  Some weeks were a bit frustrating. I have to admit.  Especially, the weeks that my weight kept fluctuating up and down on my home scale.

After talking to Erika, my favorite WW rep in the entire world, we figured out my faux pas.  You see, I was trying to do things different for myself, by counting calories instead of points.  Well, it really didn't work out well and that is because WW points don't work like a 1200 calorie diet.  As a matter of fact, the plan fluctuates your intake between  1200 and 1400 calories to help keep your metabolism moving.  I didn't know that before.  But, now I do, so I will go back to counting my points again and also cut back on Chinese food take out.  Even though I was ordering vegetables in brown sauce with brown rice, thinking I was doing a good thing, the sodium content has been making retain water, which I don't want.  So, from now on I will make my own veggies steamed with brown rice.

I didn't reach my goal for February, but I came close.  That's OK.  The scale still went down, and that is what really matters to me.  Slow as it may feel to me, Erika says that I am on track and actually doing really well.  I guess when you want something so bad, like I do, it can seem like an endless task.  Thanks for making me feel better Erika.

I am really happy with my new way of eating.  I must say that I do not feel bloated or stuffed anymore.  I stop eating when I feel comfortably full and don't snack on junk anymore.  I choose healthy snacks and drinks and eat a lot more vegetables and fruits.  I still have to get better in the water department though.  Hopefully March will be even better than February.  

How have your weight loss plans been going?  How do you incorporate more water into your day?  I would love to know.  Feel free to comment below or on my Facebook page.

Also, check out these 10 benefits of drinking water from Step To Health.

(photo source: Step to Health)

Have a great week everyone!  I know I will.


  1. Yes!! I drink TONS of water and even when I feel hungry I drink a big glass of warm water to see if IM just dehydrated or actually hungry after ;)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I am really trying to amp up my water intake.


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