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Bible Based Baby Books @WorthyPub, #BabyBibleBooks, #WorthyKidsIdeals

It is never too early to teach our children the stories in the bible.  Worthy Publishing has 2 beautiful board books by Susan and Owen Gay based on the stories of Noah' Ark and Adam and Eve.  

In the Noah's Ark book, children not only learn the story of Noah, but also learn animals, counting and colors.

The In The Beginning book teaches about creation and teaches simple words like sun and stars. It is the perfect beginner book.

Both of these books are sturdy board books that will last for many years.  They are simply illustrated to be appealing to little eyes and are very colorful.

These books make great gifts for loved ones and bible study classes.  They can be purchased using the links listed below.

Retail Links
In the Beginning:
Noah’s Ark:

Book Specs
Publication Date: April 4, 2017
Author Illustrators: Susana Gay & Owen Gay
ISBN: 9780824919924 (In the Beginning); 9780824919917 (Noah’s Ark)
Price: $6.99
Page Count: 16
Ages: 1-3

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Disclosure:  I received these books from WorthyKids/Ideals for free in exchange for an honest review.